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ohai there~!
i'm demi,
nice to meet you.

welcome to my profile!

what 'makes me tick'? hm..okay,

rainit feels so cosy when you're indoors.
World of Warcraftmy main is level 80!
My Chemical Romancemy absolute favourite band EVER.
Apple productsi love my computer and iphone!
The legend of Zeldaplayed those games since i was like,6.
Pokemongotta catch 'em all!
Photographyi love having hundreds of photos from just one day out.
readingyou can escape to another world!(blah, cheesy!)
animalsespecially wolves.
cupcakesthey're so pretty!
Youtubeinfact, i couldn't live without it.
snowso fun to play in!
familyespecially my nana, love her with all my heart.
friendslife wold be pretty boring without them!
aeroplanesyay! holidays!
nail varnish!there's like, 3498315491 different colours!
smoothieshow can something healthy taste so good?
having money on Gaiaa very rare experience.
hot chocolatewith marshmallows and cream!
TVi love Glee and 90210!
hairsprayomg, life saver!
make-up!i can't even imagine..
i love Gaia!
i could say just as many things that i hate, but, that's just depressing, so lets not..

♬ ♫- dream avatar -♬ ♫
Fallen Wish 5th Gen
Nartian Star
Scarlet Mist
Jet The Kitten Star
White Body Dye
Sweet Porridge
Cat Burglaress
Midnight Club
Black Swan
SDPlus Bibbles
Dede the Husky
White Heartstring
Sweet Porridge
SDPlus Jet
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PM me? you'll make my day!
donate or gift me? i'll love you FOREVER. ;3
the music in the background is by someone off youtube, his username is fagotron. check him out, he's so talented!
thanks for choosing my profile to stalk,

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heh, just alot of random stufff! feel free to look.x


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