Hello! My name is Tainted Snowflake, but you could also call me Tainted, Snowflake, Snow, Snowy, Snowie,Tainty, Taisno, or whatever you prefer. I have to say I'm used to Tainted and Tainty though. But you can always call me whatever you want as long as I understand you're talking to me. I would like consider myself a Q&A regular. You can usually find me at Q&A Hangout, the Q&A forum, or my quest thread. I'm currently questing for an Angelic Scarf (7.5mil), therefore, I usually don't donate to people who I don't know. I usually like helping out people as much as I could, so I love to donate. Please, please don't ask me to donate. I donate, when I want to. Donaters are loved. I originally joined on June 19, 2005, but I lost the password, and I got hacked a few times. I like laughing, and being happy, because that seems to make other people happy, so I try my best. My personality, is blunt. I could blurt something out, and not even mean it. I love music, and that's the one thing I can't live without. It's a necessity. I usually like vending and exchanging as well, so I make quite a lot of gold using the marketplace.

I help manage and help in the My Flash Fetish :: How to get them to work [New Update!] thread. If you have any questions about codes, or multimedias, PM me, and we can work it out.

I also love making friends, and whatnot, but if you want to add me, please get to know me first.

I am me. And no one could tell me otherwise.

A big thanks, to...

Moonr!se: for making the best custom-made profile ever, and donating various items! You're the best. Moonie. I mean it. >w<

Pixelated Chibiety: Lately, Chibi has been on a hiatus, but I know it's because she wants to keep busy IRL. Chibi isn't afraid to express herself or stand up to someone. She's always standing strong. ilu Chibi!

xYashii: For donated items, and being a great friend. <3

Bright_Eyes: For being the greatest friend ever. Thank you Bright_Eyes for donating as much as you can, and being supportive friend! (Congrats on being promoted to a mod!) <3 <3 <3

Yuji Ikaido: For loving me as a friend! Who can't love this me? cool
Thanks Yuji for always donating when needed/being a helpful and encouraging friend. I don't know what I would do without you. xD
Also, even though Yuji has a lot on his shoulders lately, dealing with his charity, he's still not giving up and persevering.

Like OMFG: For always being a good friend, and whacking sense into me when I need it.

Shinister: For being the best friend she can be, and even though she's been through tough times while she was on hiatus, I know Shini can always pull through and act strong.

All Q&Aers: Thank you guys for always supporting me. I love you guys!

Also thank you for these friends who've been more then supportive, but also great friends. Thank you guys! heart

Kokoro Hikaru
Pixelated Chibiety
Yuji Ikaido

Currently questing for:

Angelic Bracelet
Winter Rose
Kiki Kitty Plushie
Staff of the Angels
Bani Clips
Summoning Tomb & Oculus Magica (After I finish with everything...)
Western Zodiac

Yay! I finished; here's my new set of items:

Angelic Pendant
Winged Anklets
Angelic Scarf [/questing]
Angelic Sash
Golden Laurels
Guitar of Angellus


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Patch me? If you do want to patch me, feel free to. Just make sure you have my permission first; send me a PM.
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Tainted's Journal. [<3]



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The Real Bright Eyes

Report | 03/22/2009 8:47 am

The Real Bright Eyes

Tainted, I miss you. I hope you are well.
Creative D r e a m s

Report | 10/11/2008 12:25 pm

Creative D r e a m s

Still hacked?
Frozen in a Heartbeat

Report | 08/05/2008 7:12 pm

Frozen in a Heartbeat

whats up?
Frozen in a Heartbeat

Report | 07/29/2008 10:03 pm

Frozen in a Heartbeat

*clings* omg. hi i haven't talked to you in like forever! what's up?

Report | 07/10/2008 6:52 pm


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You're first class, baby! You have been awarded PrettyGirlLost's random GlamGaian award. Flaunt it on your profile, in your signature, journal, etc!

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Report | 06/24/2008 8:11 am



over there <-

Report | 06/23/2008 1:20 pm


Hi Tainty!! Haven't talked to you for a while- are you busy? User Image

Report | 06/16/2008 3:36 am


I'm currently questing for Gwee the dragon.

I've tried to post in threads, but no one has ever donated anything to me.

I have 5k of gold right now and Gwee is like 31k.

Any donations are greatly loved. But of course you don't HAVE to.

Just asking and trying to get as much donations as possible.

Please send trade or PM if anyhow interested.

Report | 06/10/2008 10:06 am


Sorry for not replying (for over a month) sooner, but I've been busy with senior stuff. Just have to get through graduation this week, and I'll be done!... Until I attend university this fall... DX How have you been? User Image

Report | 06/06/2008 5:38 pm



Summer without tainty won't be much fun.. ;3;

Don't worry, I'll photoshop your avi into any screenies from any summer event gaia decides to do. <333



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