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Please note that a few parts of this profile are still under construction. The about me section being one of them. xD I'm just too lazy to write up a decent thing. Yep. -laugh-

You can go here to see the whole album of avatar art I've received. =D It's a lot.

Alright, so who is this Limey person no one is talking about? Hmmm? Is she an alien? A plushie? Even a she? Ahhh, well answers to those questions and more are just a few scrolls away~

Let's do the quick facts first:
Real Name ~ Bryanna
Pen Name ~ Raimi Sekkai
Nick Name ~ Limey (or any variation of it)
Age ~ 19
Sex ~ Nope, Limey is all innocent.
Gender ~ Female and/or other and/or doesn't spend enough time in the real world to really care.
Occupation ~ No

Have a question you want answered up there? Please PM or comment it, because I totally just ran out of ideas. XDDD

Let's see. The longer version.

I'm Limey. No I don't actually taste like limes, though a friend of mine has said I taste sort of like a mix of cream, coconut, banana and pineapple. No really.
Yes she was speaking from experience, I had friends that went through a 'biting each other is cool' phase.
I have no real life friends now. ...No it doesn't have anything to do with the biting. xD;
If you haven't noticed, I tend to overuse text faces. I love them. <3 Hearts too. Limey is just sooo full of love. <333
I also speak in third person half the time. And say 'we' instead of 'I'. I also purposely mispronounce things, usually by adding extra vowels. <3 Especially U's. 8D
I'm an aspiring artist and hopefully soon to be published author. I have to finish editing my novel first. Oh fun. ;~; It doesn't like me right now, no inspiration...
Hmm... well, at the moment I'm single and passively looking. I consider myself a pansexual, though I lean more towards liking girls (to be honest there tend to be more girls that fit what I'm attracted to than boys, it's sad) and most towards liking cute little uke boys especially if I could be given a pair of them. <3 >w<
I'm totally obsessed with yaoi, limes (both the fruit and the writen kind), rainbows, and sparkly things. I'm mostly introverted, yet still for some reason love random PMs, comments and the like. People amuse me.

Platypus and Penguins rule.

Yeah, this is the end. xD; Because I can't think of anything else to put...


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Under the Rainbow and in a Lime's Light


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Halloween Amber

Report | 05/20/2009 12:35 pm

Halloween Amber

Don't worry -late response too -xD

that's great! so what does that mean now?
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/09/2009 7:30 am

Halloween Amber

Hi Lime! How are you?
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/08/2009 12:55 pm

Halloween Amber

Aw the weekend is here, it's good to have that feeling the week is gone!
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 10:14 pm

Halloween Amber

well at least you'll get a different nurse this time?

yeah but with homework you got time no pressure =P
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 10:04 pm

Halloween Amber

needle in the arm while the nurse had to find a vein? that is pretty traumatic indeed...

I know but Homework are better then tests right?
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 9:52 pm

Halloween Amber

finding a vein, yeah. Didn't they tie your arm or something?

It's alright I don't mind talking about you xD
Just tired from the school. Bleh, too many homeworks due at once x.x
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 9:41 pm

Halloween Amber

Astronomy is interesting! You must have learn a lot in that class.

blood test, yeah don't like them. you see them taking blood from you into some bottle =P

Ah cancel? that must be so annoying!
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 9:29 pm

Halloween Amber

wow what classes did you withdraw?

allergy test? how many test did you take so far?
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 9:25 pm

Halloween Amber

really you were? wow, you must had lots of time the last few months! biggrin
Halloween Amber

Report | 05/06/2009 9:15 pm

Halloween Amber

I know the feeling of busy too, don't worry take all the time you need!
Too me that long to fill out the form! xD