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shishikogan Report | 05/12/2009 4:13 pm
why is the thread on the topic of androginy locked??

yours truly

akamaru75 Report | 04/28/2008 6:39 pm
ill kill people like that lol
Art Star_x Report | 12/22/2007 7:15 pm
Art Star_x
You're scaring me...

Kladeos Report | 12/01/2007 2:43 pm
Hey Tay. It's been a while since I'd seen you around - where'd you go?
TalonSlayer Report | 10/14/2007 1:54 pm
I like that your threat says "Rue The Day". That's hardcore.
RADIOactive Honey Report | 10/09/2007 7:51 am
RADIOactive Honey

Alex sends you his drool with lurve!! User Image
lilylaura Report | 10/07/2007 2:38 pm
Taine! I misses you and our gabbly crazyness!
Khunn Report | 10/01/2007 7:14 pm
0011 User Image rules.

Oh and Tay... Kick some a**.. User Image
gamerchix Report | 10/01/2007 12:52 pm
Ditto Fioce
fioce Report | 09/25/2007 10:47 am
When you find out .... you know there will a lot of us wanting to know.

I'm really, really not a fan of stalking. I hid from the internet for almost a year to avoid my ex.

To she who knows who she is

I know what you said about me. I know your accusations. I have suspicions as to who you are. When I have those suspicions confirmed, I WILL confront you. You do not post such libelous things against me and expect me to take it lying down.

I've narrowed it down to three people. I will not reveal my sources as to how I found out, or how I have narrowed it down.

Suffice it to say, there WILL be hell to pay. You will RUE THE DAY you ever said such nastiness against me.

Either come out and confront me directly, or watch your gaian back, b***h. I WILL FIND YOU.

(Mods: This is not a threat against a person's life or anything else. It is a threat against their gaian reputation.)

Thank you.

That is all.


I hate chickens.

Psychoanalyse that, b***h. And yes, you know who you are. I WILL find you.