i reported a scammer, the reference number is 2016811
another. 4275953

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Spidargate's profile is VERY important, second only to lord gateman's so here is a copy:

see bottom for donation rules ^_^

story of rp!

lord gateman was one of the lesser system lords (obviously not shown on the show) who had only a few planets and 2 ha'taks. he served under ba'al, but hasnt been contacted recently. at his main planet, (i havent thought of a name, most of this is right off the top of my head), a prior came through the stargate trying 2 convert the jaffa and slaves 2 origin. However, the news of the downfall of the goa'uld had not reached gateman's planet, so they were still loyal 2 lord gateman. after we refused origin, the prior unleashed the prior plague then left, but 4 some unexplained reason, lord gateman had the tau'ri's cure. perhaps from ba'al. when the prior returned later, he was expected and greeted by several jaffa warriors with staff weapons ready. of course, the prior had his shield. then he blew the jaffa back and left.
of course, it was not expected when an ori warship came. it blew up the ha'tak with Laverazgate, the first prime, in it. lord gateman knew he couldnt stand up to the ship. he was not as arrogant as most goa'uld. he had me and his best and most loyal jaffa get into his ha'tak and al'keshes while some of the human slaves got into tel'taks. i was piloting an al'kesh. he had some stay behind 2 lure the ori away. the main group went into orbit and prepared 4 hyperdrive. it seemed that the ori took out the other ships. the ship was heading 4 us. lord gateman had several of the other jaffa get into death gliders to stop the ori's fighters that were being deployed. as we all started firing, a mysterious rift, not hyperdrive opened up. it was pulling us in! all the death gliders and several ori fighters were pulled in also. i was 1 of the last pulled in. as the rift was closing, i watched the warship destroy everything that was not pulled in. once it was closed, the ships were seperated. then i blacked out. when i woke, i found my al'kesh crashed on a strange planet. and i had the bouncy antennae stuck in my head. and the coon tail... i saw that the rift seperated the gates and also, my al'kesh was not working right. some of the control crystals were fried. the other gates eventually found each other. it seems that during that time, Wraithgate became lord gateman's first prime and betrayed him 2 serve the ori, after that being replaced by overlordgate. i was like O_O, Wraithgate, a traitor? it must have been the rift messing up his mind. he was 1 of the most loyal jaffa. speaking of that, almost all of us seem 2 have been mutated by whatever the rift was. and our symbyotes could not cure the conditions. poor SGgate was the worst. a giant squid tail... yeesh... also, some of us got strange new abilites. like me and narutogate's ability 2 perform what we later found out was called "ninjutsu" in this dimension. and also my ability 2 use the antennae as weapons. also, lord gateman seemed 2 not want 2 rule the planet. although, it is probably b/c there r 2 few of us and 2 few ships 2 rule...

at this event called "halloween" on this planet, a few of us drank this zurg energy drink, turning from normal jaffa 2 zurg jaffa! most of our symbyotes didnt like the zurg bodies and had us change back with red bino. the few that kept the bodies became stronger...

continue later...

posted by silver

Go to the start menue on your computer, and then go to "Run," Then type in:

i got art for my donating!

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http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5901199&page=23871 searching for gatemansgc's 1st post in 10,000,000

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well, y does it work when its here??? it slows down my verizon yahoo browser 2 the point where it wont scroll 4 like 5 seconds when its in my sig!

Chuck Norris Can eat a Rubix cube and poop it out solved


possible future 4 overlordgate: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. it will never happen, but it looks cool! 305,194 estimated october 12

if i want 2 edit it

holy... that is one loooooooooooong url! lets see... snipurl.com... click...
ahh, much better. thats 4% of the size!

heres another:

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Estimated Total: 402,395 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 09 November 2006)



590 -> 24 thats 4% again!


search for
` O r i
when the profiles r back up

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gate donation code. this is for when you post in the 10,000,000 page thread (note this is for people new to the thread):

note: DO NOT PAGESTRETCH OR VIOLATE THE ToS! u will not get gold if u do. i have standards

10,000,000: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5901199

1st day, at least 2 posts (number of posts after that DOES NOT affect how much gold u get) 100-250 (random donation ^_^)

return the next day or within reasonable time (i understand that not every1 can get on everyday): 250-500 (return bonus ^_^)

still be there in about 1 month (try 2 post about once per week or so at least): 500-1000 (depends on how much i have) ive given 2 so far! (month bonus ^_^)

also: if you post a post that says u r questing, i will donate about as much gold as i gave 4 1st day. NOTICE: i will NOT donate 2 ur quest if it is simply on ur sig. it has 2 b placed on a post (or i would b 2 poor 2 donate 2 every1 else...) (helping u out ^_^)


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D O N A T E P L S !
i need collect about 90k in a week,
( until April 10th, 2009 )
b'cuz i'm questing for someone really badly.
it's his birthday soon and i need to get him something.
pls help me! sad

forgive me for the disturbance.

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Dankies for telling Suki that she doesn't need too ^_^ Yay me. I am happy again. ^_^ Dankies. I didn't want to change my e-mail..or transfer everything from one account to another..that would be ducky X.x

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Ethereal Sorrow

Bingo. people with short attention spans are usually thread hoppers.

the longest I stayed in a thread was probably for about 275 pages or something....

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I AM GATE NUMBER 14!!! the last one for a while after the gaia-versery. NO MORE NEW GATES.


i am co-owned by ze_womanizor, and i am staying as a vampire jaffa. domokun stargate