I am a medical student, currently studying Biomedical Sciences in the Welsh capital, with views into moving to Canada and either furthering studies into becoming a doctor or remaining specialised in microbiology or haematology.

An amateur-writer, my pick of prose tends to be geared towards futuristic scope -- cyberpunk being my overall favourite, although not quite adverse to a little hard SF here and there. Fantasy, I believe, is the bane of speculative fiction... or more precisely, modern fantasy writers and their mass-produced mediocrity.

I've a distaste for poetry and tend to scorn poets routinely, even though it's generally in good taste and jest.

Stalking is a favourite pastime, and I tend to have a rather lewd sense of humour for a British "gentleman", haha.

- - -

I have won only one award for my writing, and that happens to be a "Best of Issue" for the January '07 Gaian Press. (*squee~*) Works largely go unnoticed in the OS/P due to the influx of tediously boring fantasy drivel being posted, which makes me sad. :]

I am a 111er, elitist to the core and the MiniLurve is my racial enemy. I'm also an ED-Patron, from days of olde, before Noraboo moved us to the Chatterbox because of an asshat getting the ED mods riled up.

My entire account is worth much less than half a Demon Tail. Don't beg me for goldz. D: