Im the craziest asian of all the asians. i like to poke.>.< its so fun. im a really nice guy and can be a big a*****e. i like to cuddle cute things and make people my plushys. i care about people alot. yay unconditional love. i tend to called alot of things sweet, evil, nice, weird, fake, idiot. in the end im just Sunosuke. i dont like wannabe or misinformed otherkin (vampires, lycans, demons, angels, etc) that go ya im like 21848 years old and have magical powers. the typical discription of Role Players (RP), wannabes, and closed minded otherkin. these 3 things go under the fluff term. there are so many of them on chatango. i only go to narutowire.chatango and theres a ton. i cant imagine the number of them on the chatango service. i really hate fluffs. am i the only real otherkin on this social network that actually knows what is what magicly and metaphysically?

if i care about you i would do anything for a friend. even if we met for only 5 minutes and ill consider you a friend. piss me off enough i will hunt you down and kill you. even after death.

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do i make you blush, my love?


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every aspect of my life. some of my peotry and thoughts. some rants... make that a lot of rants. rarely my emotions, when i can find them that is.



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Taiji!!! D:
We Haven't Talked In Like FOREVER sad
*Glomps and Hugs*
How Are You?? biggrin
puella ignava

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puella ignava

Hey....I was just going through my old comments and...goodness me, we havent talked in a while. I cant even remember what happened. :/