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What do ya want?
Came here to buy what I have in stored are ya?
Well come in, [Insert Name here].

Drop on by to my small lil shop I call business.
I know what yer thinking and no you will NOT ask what I am wearing.
If you are curious, make it a challenge to figure it out yourself. This is a battle for originality not an imitation of the real thing.

Feel free to buy whatever I have that is available but I warn ya, do not f*ck with me, got it champ?
I have dealt with under cutters, terrible negotiators and motherf*ckin d*uche nuzzles inflating their sh*t when I need it.
Do not be that kind of guy, mmmkay? We are running a fair business, not a damn space race.

I have a soft spot for some people who kindly ask and give me the magic word to get a little discount from me SO... good luck trying to find that clique.
I do not mind lessening the price but again: read the message above this one.

With all that said... I hope you enjoy this mini-shop slogan because I will not repeat myself again.
The customer service is a lie and we all are pretty guilty of abusing that system overtime so do not act like a sad sap begger.
Enjoy the item and I hope you have a nice day.


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Real name: Charles
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Asian Islander
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Neutral
Relationship Status: Taken
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Games: Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Overwatch, etc.
Music Taste: Rap/ Hip-Hop, R&B, Lo-Fi, Dubstep, Pop, etc.
Occupation: College student, Graphic Designer major, Gamer
Activities: Eat, sleep, Hulu/ Netflix/ Youtube binge, learning
Motivation(s): Family, friends, a girlfriend, pursuit of happiness
Contacts: Discord, Skype (message me)
Quote: "I'm here because I have to be. What's your excuse?"

Tail Heart Station
Now playing Gerald Walker -- "Get Yours While You Can"

Background (Updated)
Hello there, newcomer. Welcome to my world (profile). I'm the Underground King and I ain't been found (til' now). Grab some snacks, get comfortable and lets go over this place I call my childhood. I'm an '07 member from long ago. I've crossed paths with many people that later became my friends. Over time, I would eventually master the art of fooling around making me a natural vaudevillian amongst my peers. My life on the other side continues to surprise me. I'm just your local drifter living life and having some fun with video games and pursuing my career in the art field one day. I have an on and off relationship with this website to the point where I come to check up on friends exclusively nowadays. I always ask myself the blatant question whether I've reached insanity or expect when they will respond to me on discord those lazy f---.

My pass time around here is working on cosplay projects (which I have a portfolio's worth) and giving advice to friends [who needs it]. I'm confident in the cosplays I put up front that on occasion I'll post in the Cosplay Arenas or maybe Runway. I firmly am a believer of fair competition so when I drop comments of works I like, I am nonchalant in passing good vibes to those that earned it. I'm happy to befriend so much talented users out there and strangers that continue to support my work even at my lowest rank placements. It's the greatest honor to be acknowledged by the crowd that is worth more than just winning. Win or lose... I'll take what I can get even as a sleeper hit.

On a side note, the doors are open to any lady willing to shoot their shot against the best gunslinger in town competing for love. Come along and take your best shots ladies, the first shots are free so I insist. My shots aren't only for show just because I fan the hammer. I never miss my shots with how smooth I make them out to be. I enjoy a good challenge. I am confident by the end of it all... that I'll have the last word. So... bring it on ladies. I've got bullets for days and a charisma that might rub off on ya. I am notorious for bamboozling just to throw ladies off their high horse but I'll be damn to see the day I finally lose fair and square. Til' then, welcome to the gun show. This cowboy's not going anywhere. Chitty chitty bang bang. Sorry ladies, I win again. Better luck next time. I get to pick the prize and that's a hand on one of the ladies that almost had me.

I've got goals in life that I want to accomplish but I'm taking my time when I get there. I like to help people for better or for worst. I'm humbled enough to resonate with the pain of others and a deep understanding of empathy. I'm agnostic however, I appreciate the good teachings of any religion that I believe can universally help everyday life. The world needs optimists and while that can be impossible sometimes I firmly believe that good people don't deserve the sh--- that's done to them in life. There's beauty in the struggle and hard work will eventually pay off. It should never be looked down upon by others who live too comfortably or cheated to be at the top. This is but a fraction of my own ideals and beliefs but I'm getting too ahead of myself.

ANYWAYS... If you would like to talk to me/ befriend me, I ain't stopping you. Be reasonable before sending me a friend request got that? This sounds like a nitpick but my reasons are justified: I don't want to jump the shark not knowing anything, so should you. We cool now? yeah. We're cool. Feel free to continue browsing or start planning your conversation so yeah.... hope you enjoy my rant cus' I'm about to head over to my consoles and YouTube binge. Not going to miss it.
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