⋱。⋰ W e l c o m e⋱。⋰

(*≧∇≦)ノ ・☆ Hello~・➝♡〃 I'm t a h e l i s.
female. nyc. vegan. shy. quiet. kind. dreamer. humanitarian. nostalgic. mystic.

I like
kindness. peace. travel. nature. animals. people. honesty. balance. music. anime. recycling. minimalism. freedom. the sky. the sea. moon. baby blue. mountains. waterfalls. plains. meditation. piano. swimming. volleyball. books. warmth. summer. fall. cozy. hugs. hot chocolate. music. fruits. veggies. romantic. games. zelda.

✖ I dislike ✖
horror. liars. war. famine. pollution. violence. deforestation. ocean pollution. injustice. bullying.

Feel free to talk to me。 ━━━☆♪ ♡

tumblr: tahemis