~to know me simply~

hello!!!!call meby my user name or by Mayu...it doesn't matter.....i know i'm not perfect and i understand i never will be but if you don't judge a book by its cover<-doesn't like the expresion->then we might get along<-can't promise what i don't know->hmmmm...ok..likes:pandas,strawberry,Japan<-any place but where i'm at but mostly there->,pocky,rabbits,sleep,rice ramen,my bf,drawing/art,apples,{some}tea,coffie,anime,people that don't judge me without knowing me,music{favorite!!...is on meh page}..wish i could do more things that weren't so stupid....i regret alot even if its really not good for me....dislikes:rap{sorry}, people that judge too quikly,things that are obseenlllllyyyyy pink{its only cute on things in a certain amount,preps{i know i said i hate/dislike people that judge too quik,but with what i've had to deal with from them,well.... you'd have to know to understand......but whatever i'll atleast try toplay nice},things that are promised and never kept,people that are sarcastic just to use you,and thats all i can think of for now about that.i'm half australian half american<-meaning other/euro. something.....->i don't lable myself so therefore i can't be a poser and if you call me one your just being an idiot{can't judge what you cant see},my spelling isnt so great but will do...i'mimature but i can be mature if i reallywant....i may seem like a cold-hearted b ch at times and selfish but you'll learn to deal.. currently learning german while trying to teach myself Japanese......no schools around here teach it....f king hate school,,can be sensitive.............please comment!!!!!

thats all for now...byebye,

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