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INSANITY: Would You Like Some Fries With That?
for some a crippling disadvantage and/or Challenging role play. For others the springboard for an entire Campaign.


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I'm coming home!
I've been gone for far too long!
Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
Have I f*cked things up again?
I'm dreaming
Too much time without you spent!

It hurts!
Wounds so sore!
Now I'm torn
Now I'm torn

I've been far away
When I see your face
My hearts burst into fire!
Hearts burst into fire!

You're not alone
I know I'm far from home!
Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
Do you wait for me again?
I'm screaming
No more days that I just spent


My bed's so cold, so lonely
No arms, just sheets to hold me

Has this world stop turning?
Are we forever to be apart?
(Forever to be apart)


I'm coming home
I've been gone for too long!
(I'm coming home)
Do you remember me at all?

Do you remember me at all?
I'm leaving
I'm screaming
I'm dreaming

This is hearts burst into fire by Bullet for my valentine ive learned this song and i intend to keep learnin there songs.

Ok this a new band ive recently learned of dead hours. im gonan put a song on here from them. its called Radio control.

Into the real real world not played on the TV
Radio Control burned down set free
Radio Control

Are our lives gonna be forfeit?
this propaganda
they fill me with
My eyes do they see
only what they want me to?
The contest myth
for the chosen few
divide and conquer
what leaders do

Into the real real world not played on the TV
Radio Control
What they want me to see is product instead of
Radio Control

The ghetto life
Blaze up this Draft Card
Burn it
Another generation of 'heroes'
and dead
For opportunity promises
to hell we are led

Into the real real world not played on the TV
Radio Control burned down set free
Into the real real world not played on the TV
Radio Control
what they want me to see is product
instead of all this possibility
what they want me to be is product instead of
Radio Control

Is this what you wanted when you joined up?
Did they make you thirsty
then forced you to their cup?
We're tied to their clock
they teach us how to pray
but no way
out of here
This false consensus
based on fear

burned down, set free
burned down, set free
burned down, set free
Radio Control


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Bloodbeauty118 Report | 07/27/2014 2:08 pm
Thanks 4laugh
Adorkable Tragedy Report | 12/28/2013 4:40 pm
Adorkable Tragedy
thats not good sad
Adorkable Tragedy Report | 12/28/2013 3:50 pm
Adorkable Tragedy
ive been hot. u?
Adorkable Tragedy Report | 12/24/2013 8:45 am
Adorkable Tragedy
remember me?????????????? sweatdrop
Kokoro-Beat Report | 12/08/2013 7:12 pm
lol its fun conversations me and my old co orker used to but heads because he was like that
Kokoro-Beat Report | 12/08/2013 6:09 pm
CHristians also question everyone elses religion but their own and they all think other peoples sins are ridilous but their own are fine
Kokoro-Beat Report | 08/23/2013 9:39 pm
Hey you it's been a while how have you been?
Lexi Lovely Hime Report | 08/22/2013 7:11 am
Lexi Lovely Hime
Awww, Thanks! I am (:
Lexi Lovely Hime Report | 08/22/2013 7:08 am
Lexi Lovely Hime
Awww, Thanks! I am (:
Lexi Lovely Hime Report | 08/21/2013 9:58 pm
Lexi Lovely Hime
Thank you! Im so excited! Back to roleplaying!!

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Adorkable Tragedy

Things about me

Ive been arrested

im 18

I work hard to make money

Im probly more likely to get into a fight then anything else

all right well since im bored im adding
up one of the poems i wrote
a little while ago
i called it the circle of love and pain

I live you die
I smile you cry
I breathe you sigh
I bleed you heal
You live i die
You smile i cry
You Breathe i sigh
You bleed i heal
When we are together time stands still
and all the pain Starts again in another place
That's when you know its love

Life it begins and it ends but your life and death are diffrent.
Life is a thing many people live a good one of
Several like me have bad lives people
take what they see on the outside and
beat and abuse us mentally and physically
people think im nice and kind im not im just a person with a little bit of a heart left.
When its gone i woulnt be far behind it life is for the
living thats why im dying might as well try
to keep a firm grasp on whats left of my heart
when its crushed im gonna be changed forever

well i was told im nothing to my own family lifes great
again since no one cares thats related to me except
my little sister but who knows when that might change
ill just be prepared for that. and as soon as that day comes well atleast itll be official.
im lost to the darkness so no one will need to come find me ill be fine there.
it will envelope me in a blanket and ill be gone from the world leaving it a better place
in the wake of my death

I want everyone to know i
found a reason to keep my life sure i could give up but
life aint the game to quit
when you have friends who care and people who love you

We shall all rule the world or atleast gaia

well since its fresh in my head and my notebooks at home im gonna post my new poem here
it has no name yet

Ive dressed my wounds from battle again the scars of battles past still
creased and carved into my body i
always heard the same thing the battles will stop soon they never have never will
and if they do i cease to exist
i live because of strife without a fight without
even a small shoving ill cease the life
i have start a new one this one with less
pain and violence this one
i have friends guess which one ill choose?

I lived my life in the botom of the well waiting for sumone to walk by and free me.
no one came but the water rose and i floated out.
it took me so long to notice that the water that helped me out was my friends.

I hear one question every where i go no matter what why does someone like him live.
why doesnt he stop and think. cause thinking is a way to slow down my thoughts my brain
all ready knows how what im gonna do is end. When u see me coming if my fists cleched pray.
its not for u cause if it is you better f*cking duck.luckily all my friends id never hurt any of you.

I sing one final song as my voice fades into the darkness.
When the song reaches you ill be dead.
To bad no ones heard my singing voice.
Such a shame no one will know im dead.
But when you come around my body is still here i still breathe but im dead.
Will you miss the old me or embrace the new me?
I hope someone liked me for who i am.
Cause soon im gonna change forever.
I bid the old life i had a fair well.
I step into the new one ready for hell.
Ive died before so when i come back again ill know if anyone missed me.
Good bye to the life of pain and suffering is all i have to say.
Never again will i be the same.

MY epic sisters mess with them and ill kill u

and this ish my gaia mom same rule from sisters applies twofold here.

Well i got bored today and i wrote a short poem thats not realy finished yet.
So now im alone sitting here alone.
You left with harsh words you hurt me.
All i did was help you.
And all i got for it was
smacked called names and told id be be better off dead.
Well i am dead. I died a long time ago.
You never noticed the pain the signs
I was dying you were my friend.
but being cool made you forget who your real friends were.
So since id be better off dead
im dead to you and your dead to me.
Remember you got your wish.
Today our friendship ends and your back up life dies.

This poem is called a time to live.

Ive been dead for so long.
Now im alive you breathe life into me.
I dont want to die again but youll leave everyone does.
When you leave ill die for my final time.
When i die this time its forever.
So for now breathe life into me.
For as long as you can.
When your gone. No one will mourn my death.
Have fun dancing on my grave like you did my heart.

this poem is called.Time to fight
A call to arms the war is coming.
Stand tall or flee now.
The battles are coming now.
I stand alone. There army approaches.
I stand tall as my life is just beginning.
In this battle many will die.
Will i be one of the many?
Or will i win this battle and lose this war?
Either way ill be dead.
Dead on the inside and dead on the out.
A dead man walking a battle field Wounds torn across my body.
But i will continue to fight.
If i die. I die like a warrior with my honor.

Allright i be straight with yall my friends are awesome yours suck
Jason This guy can kick your ass by thinking bout it.
Sara Sweetest Person i know But scarey when needed.
Hannah Awesome Squared Nuff said.
ALex Shes my Family She can kick your ass but ill f*ck you up worse.
Kalvin Scottish son of a b*tch f*ck with him you f*cked with the
wrong scott.Jack Damn that kid will f*ck you up his words are blades.
Then we got Michelle Shes awesome to the fifth powah.

My awesome friend Adorkable Tragedy shes awesome.