My name is T3hPwner!
Things to know:

~I love my friends and family more than anything in this world, without them, I would truely be lost...
~Music plays a huge part in my life, I like almost any kind of music. If you were to ask my favorite genere...I couldn't give you an answer just because I like most of them! =P
~I'm loyal to those I love
~I love to laugh
~I love to pictures
~And I love to have fun

~Thats Me~

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Total Value: 248,919 Gold
After Exclusions: 176,897 Gold
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Celestial Wrap
Winter Rose



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nitsuj  9

Report | 04/10/2009 9:57 pm

nitsuj 9

thank you.
i think its ok
its a lot like my other one just minus a color and add more black. ha
i dont know
nitsuj  9

Report | 02/16/2009 6:20 pm

nitsuj 9

wow that thing went up in price (dream avi)
nitsuj  9

Report | 02/14/2009 6:17 pm

nitsuj 9

My beloved t3hpwner15,

You and I are just two bumpy people trying to make it in this breezy world. I know we're not perfect-- I've certainly been guilty of rape in the past, and I know you've dabbled in murder, but let's put that all in the past and focus on what really matters: our x-rated love. Without you, I'm nothing but a skanky skunk.

these are fun you have to make one.

Yours hungrily,

nitsuj 9

ha ha ha ha. i thought that this one turned out pretty funny.

Report | 12/30/2008 11:07 am


nitsuj  9

Report | 12/29/2008 5:26 am

nitsuj 9

you sound so hyper on here....

i took a shower last night and went to bed.

i guess i really was tired.
nitsuj  9

Report | 12/28/2008 5:25 pm

nitsuj 9


so did you like it?
nitsuj  9

Report | 12/28/2008 10:41 am

nitsuj 9

hi there spamer!

hows it goin

nitsuj  9

Report | 12/06/2008 1:19 pm

nitsuj 9

can i borrow your fausto's bottle?
Minerva the Bookwyrm

Report | 11/23/2008 6:04 pm

Minerva the Bookwyrm

Your avi is pretty! :shee:
nitsuj  9

Report | 11/15/2008 7:07 am

nitsuj 9

oh i dont know.

i was just wondering...

ha i slept in SO late today.