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My profile is a work in progress...x.x

I am the official black Yuna!


Real Name: Amanda
Age: 23..
Sex: Female!!!
Nickname(s): Topaz,Yuna..Mandi..whatever else ppl think of
Height: 5'5 1/2!
Birthday/Zodiac: Jan 17th, Capricorn


Allignment: Goodie good
Eye colour: grey
Second Language?: Japanese
Fate or Karma: Fate
Cat or Dog: both
Romance or Action:Romance
Religion: Christian,duh.
Fantasy or Reality:Fantasy


-a kitty named Tigeress!
- a terrific loving husband <3
-a cellphone that I'm always on
- An unmeasurable love for God.

Faithful child of God,advice giver and non judgemental. IF you need a friend I'm here for you. Ecclectic artist and writer, roleplayer. Hopeless romantic


I play: Flute,piano
I wish I play: saprano sax,guitar,bass
I listen to: mostly christian rock, emo and gospel.
I respect: REAL prophets and preachers, my daddy( k both parents)...water


Favourite Anime(s): Dirty Pair,Chobits...not very many.
Favourite Manga(s): Pet Shop of Horrors,Please Save my Earth,W Juliet, Whistle!, Dolls
Favourite Video Game(s):Final Fantasy X-2 and 8, Star Ocean, Til the end of time, Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Favoritest ever, Shining Force II
Favourite Food(s): Cheesecake,chocolate,shrimp,sushi
Favourite genre of book: spiritually enlightening, CLEAN romance
Favourite Subject in School: Music, English

Shows: I don't watch much tv but I love Kyle XY, Drive, Heroes um..America's Next Top Model and the Tyra Banks Show.

Hobbies: music (musician and singer),writing poems and short stories, listening to music, drawing and..other stuff I can't think of.

Goals: to have an evangelical christian rock band as well as other ministry and someday publish a book or two.

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Journey of a believer

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A new year, a new love for God and life.


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Man, you still here?
Rewind Faster

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Rewind Faster

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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I miss you lots too.
Rewind Faster

Report | 02/02/2010 2:55 pm

Rewind Faster

I love you tooo gorgeousss!

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No kidding.

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Fuzzy Necromancer

Report | 12/07/2009 2:09 pm

Fuzzy Necromancer

I'm kinda sniffly, but I'm also PUBLISHEDED! 8D
Fuzzy Necromancer

Report | 11/06/2009 7:55 pm

Fuzzy Necromancer

Indeed! 0.0

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its been i while since i last talked to you.... how have you been?


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