Hey there, my name is Elena. I'm currently a
freshman in High school. My birthday is on March 31! * U*
I live in Texas, no there are no cowboys. I guess
I could be considered an Otaku, because I watch anime
and read manga. Also, I could be described as
a bookworm, I always have my head in a book.
Vocaloids and Nujabes are my world. I can
play the Bass Clarinet and the Clarinet. When it
comes to new people I am shy at first then I just
start talking and talking and more talking. Don't
ask me for art, I am still a novice, really. MSpaint is
the art program I use, lame right? = n= My specialty
in art is drawing chibis or cartoon figures, I'm not
good at anime style. o no;; In other words, I can only
draw cute random s**t, so when I'm depressed and
want to draw something "in the blue" it ends up looking all
cheery and cute. Like wtf. I've been on Gaia since '09, still
a baby right? I lurk in the CB and Art Freebies. In the
Art Freebies forum I find victims people
to practice my art on. I do not discriminate noobs,
I treat them with respect and lead them in the right
path. So basically I am just some random girl that has
no life and loves her computer like there's no tomorrow.
I was going to be an ER nurse when I grow up but now
I want to be a Journalist. English is my favorite subject,
you could probably guess that. Well if you want to know
more just ask me you creep. Bye, bye! >u<"


art collection.