Hiya! Welcome to my profile! blaugh
You must be there for some reasons
1. Oups I went to the wrong profile sorry
2. I want gold by posting
3. I want to be your friend ( I don't accept : because you're rich)
4. I want to talk to you
5. I want to insult you
6. You bought something from my shop and I wanna say thanks
7. Others
So lemme introduce myself
Name: Miranda (Mimi or Si Wan)
Birthday: March 11 (I'll really appreciate if you'll give me a gift=)
Race: I'm Chinese/Vietnamese/Canadian
Family members: A daddy, a mommy and 3 sistas!!! (If you wan't to know they are also on Gaia: Tavia8, monokurubou and Bernice sos (They have 2 accounts)
I'm always:
-Breathing (Luckily O.o)
-Wearing pyjamas at my home (It's comfortable heh heh)
-Wearing a necklace
-Wearing earings
-I wouldn't say all the details
What do I like:
-Playing on the computer
-Watching TV
-Sleeping (I do snore while sleeping ok and...I'm also pretty dangerous too for your information lol)
-Laughing (I don't laugh pretty much because most of the time I'm bored gonk so I would look for something to distract me biggrin )
-Playing piano (Only for pieces that I like)
-Funny people
-Hanging out with my friends
-Travelling (Depends with who and where of course)
-Perverts (So get out of here if you are one before I catch you and do something cruel on you scream )
-Do things that I don't wan't to do
-Boring people (I don't REALLY hate them but it's boring it's true)
-Technical Requirements (The piano thing like scales,chords etc.)
-Bad thing/person
-People who are thinking they are better than others
Favourite Movies/Animes:
Awww...I have too much... Well Chinese, Japanese or Korean dramas are the best for me =) Oh I love animes too heh heh
I can't say my personality it's up to you heh heh
That's an avi that I did for fun =)
Favourite TV Shows:
Same thing I have too much...but I specially watch the Chinese ones because...well I don't know XD
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They are my favourite singers and they are so cute together:Twins ^^
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This is my badge HA! Hey you know you guys are always welcome to this guild blaugh

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Oh yea and for the people that never stop sending me friend requests, I'm sorry but I don't accept random friend requests anymore because at last I'm with a whole bunch of friends that I never talked to and I meet people that I really want to be their friend but I have no more place in my friendlist so if you wanna be my friend please talk to me before sending it or if not I would be obliged to decline it.


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Read my journal and go 2 heaven. If not, then get out and go 2 hell...CHOOSE!!!



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hey how's it going smile
caroling hellwalker

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caroling hellwalker

Hey. smile You probably won't remember me, but we met a long time ago in Gaia town. How's it going? razz

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This is a beautiful profile.
shy_girl 816

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shy_girl 816

hi User ImageD
shy_girl 816

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shy_girl 816

hi User ImageD
shy_girl 816

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shy_girl 816


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i cant hide this secret anymore just read my comment below

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I make this solemn promise to you:

To be your lover when you need to be loved,

your doctor when you are ill,

your army when you go to war,

your umbrella when life rains down on you,

your rock when you get weary,

your shield when you need defense,

your spirit when you are drained,

your pillow when you need to rest,

your voice when no one can hear you,

your ear when no one will listen,

your comfort when you feel pain,

your hero when you are under duress,

your sunshine when darkness falls,

your answer when questions arise,

your inspiration to overcome obstacles,

your hand to hold when you are frightened,

your kiss that wakes you everyday,

and your "I love you" each and every night.

I am yours... all of me

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Hey is that a pic of u on your pro

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we haven't talked in a long time....

what's up?


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