Alright, info about me...

I'm a pretty average girl, I was born in Washington state, and have spent most of my life there but have also spent a year in Spangdahlem Germany, a year in SLC, and a year in Las Vegas. I moved down to Houston Texas with my husband, and that's as far as I've gotten, move wise.

I work for a grocery store as a seafood specialist, which basically means that I rip the guts out of fish for a living. I also enjoy entertaining, theatre, and singing as loudly as possible.

I love strategy, adventure and roleplaying games and that's both tabletop and computer/console. Some of my favorite games include World of Darkness, VTM (VTR), D&D,L5R,the monkey island series (except 4, ugh.), Paranoia, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy tactics, and others. I love platformers too. Let me just run and jump and bounce on bad guys heads okay? I can't do first person shooters, I get dizzy.

I love to read, especially fantasy and Science Fiction. My very favorite book is The Deed of Paksenarrion. I love the discworld series, and my favorite characters from those books are Death, Granny Ogg, and The Librarian. Oh, and Hex. Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot

Random Statistics:

Haircolor: Brownish,

Eyes: Grey

Favorite Color(s) : dove Grey, emerald Greens, peridot, peacock blue, deep earth brown, earthy colors, and muted colors.

Favorite words: Pulchritudinous (Handsome or beautiful) , deffinistrate (To throw something/someone out of a window) and empurple. Amusingly enough, it means "to make something purple." it just rolls off your tongue.

Favorite animals: Hedgehogs, octopi, praying mantis, bumble bees and bats

Favorite drink: Bubble Tea

Favorite anime: Ouran High School Host Club

My gaia sign:
User Image

Those gaiaborn under the Lepus Crudus constellation can often be difficult to approach, but can really grow on you once you get to know them. They tend to hang around with others like themselves, and aren't alien to the idea of hostility. Some would call them mean or cruel, but it isn't personal. They just like to push the envelope a little. Their sense of humour can be infectious sometimes, and many would claim they're a bad influence, but really they're just living by their own rules and they can't stand to be caged or forced into doing things they don't want to do. Quick to bite and slow to forgive, you have to be on your toes around them, but get on their good side and you'll probably have a great time.

My real star sign: Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp


Life or a reasonable fascimile thereof...

This is where I type stuff, usually OOC ramblings about RP's I'm involved in. Feel free to comment if you know me and are involved with the RP's I'm in, or even if you don't, but have something to say, by all means, feel free.


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Skye Starrfyre

Report | 08/13/2014 7:06 pm

Skye Starrfyre

This note was from forever ago, but I do still wonder how you're doing. I hope all is well. <3
Johannes Cabal

Report | 04/19/2014 4:38 pm

Johannes Cabal

Oh wow, that'll be pretty.
Good luck on deciding.
Johannes Cabal

Report | 04/18/2014 11:45 pm

Johannes Cabal

Getting a tattoo of a certain questionable Lagomorph?
Or some of Purcell's concept art?
Princess of Cakes

Report | 04/11/2014 3:30 pm

Princess of Cakes

Thank you for the purchase. smile

Report | 04/11/2014 6:41 am


Thank you for your buy!!! heart

Report | 03/25/2013 10:52 pm


you seriously have the best avatar of all time
like get outta town, for reals

Report | 03/25/2013 2:29 pm


Okay, I just have to say that your avatars have been hilariously beautiful.
Vesta Ash

Report | 08/10/2011 10:20 pm

Vesta Ash

Shanra the Dragon Bard

Report | 08/04/2011 11:36 am

Shanra the Dragon Bard

I will keep you in my prayers then. Get well soon. heart
Shanra the Dragon Bard

Report | 08/04/2011 11:31 am

Shanra the Dragon Bard

How did your surgery go? I've been waiting to see you online. heart


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