Hi! My name is Syra/Remi! I've been on Gaia since 2004, though this specific account is newer than that.

I identify as bi-gender asexual.

I used to roleplay a lot, I enjoy fantasy and romance (action, comedy, fighting evil by moonlight, finding love by daylight - or both at once razz ) But my anxiety has gotten worse over the years, so I tend to shy away from groups of people. If you have an idea you wanna run by me though, I do still RP with friends via PMs.

My main deal here on Gaia is my addiction to pixels T^T I'm a shiny, brightly coloured pixel w-h-o-r-e.... u.u

So I spend my gold often as fast as I make it because SO MANY BEAUTIFUL ITEMS...........

To get downright and personal~ I don't belong to any faith but that of the Earth. I love science, and I love the unknown, and I really, truly do want to believe in magic. Even if it's just the little bit that's kindness towards your fellow man, or creating something beautiful, something that can reach out and touch another's heart and soul. I'm not crazy, just incredibly passionate and wanting to believe people can be better than they are (though most days this is proven false, but though I've gotten bitter about it, I do still hope and dream).

Art is my communication, my worship, my soul exposed. It's my Path, my Journey that I take alone to see how far I can go and to see what I will along the way.

Anyways, this was probably already too long for some xD

** I do not accept random friend requests, and if you wish to be friends you'll probably have to chat me up considerably before I decide if I want to be friends with you. Nothing personal. **


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Mostly poems, lyrics, sometimes weird dreams or rants....


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Aria Glow

Report | 11/29/2018 7:18 am

Aria Glow

Thanks for buying! heart

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you're welcome!
i hope it comes out soon User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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i'm late but congrats on your bow! IT LOOKS NICE User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Congrats on the BGT! Saw it in the builder and it's a must have crying User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Doc Arkham

Report | 05/30/2017 9:01 am

Doc Arkham

Oh wow they are little little then. What age can chinchillas come home 8 weeks?
They have to be the cutest little fluffs.
Doc Arkham

Report | 05/30/2017 8:51 am

Doc Arkham

Thank you. Does your status mean you got two furry chinchilla babies? Pics pics pics!

Report | 05/13/2017 4:57 pm


emotion_0A0 omg a stalkerrrrrr
Lol yes! They are awesome
Doc Arkham

Report | 04/20/2017 6:51 am

Doc Arkham

I can't believe I missed out on that drama yesterday. Hydro sent me some hilarious screencaps though. lol
I really like that new hind you have on. emotion_drool
Doc Arkham

Report | 04/20/2017 5:59 am

Doc Arkham

When you worship the shrine he doesn't attack gaia servers. rofl

Report | 12/15/2016 7:58 pm


Omg no need to be sorry. ; w; <33
Thank you! I appreciate it. <3


~I'm looking for the magic,
The breath between stars.~

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