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~ Sylvyr Rose ~



So, you're curious about me... Well, first of all, my name is pronounced as the color silver. Spell my name correctly, and I'll enjoy your company. I have a pet peeve of people not using their heads and spelling things incorrectly. Much like that horrendous text speak people use. *shudders*

Secondly, I am an animal at heart. I will purr, growl, hiss, claw, and bite. I can be friendly, but only if you are willing to try to talk intelligently. I also type fairly fast and can hold multiple conversations at once if necessary. I am a very blunt person and tell you like I see it, even if it might hurt your feelings. Sometimes, it is unintentional.

Now, let's see... I am not some young teenager; I am legal and able to drink alcohol, if that gives you a clue as to my age. Young enough to enjoy life, old enough to drink. Mmm... I'm into kink and that world. I am a flirt and am not ashamed to admit it. I am bisexual, and I enjoy the curves of the female body and the art that can be made with it.

I almost forgot... If you want to be my friend, please have read my profile. Message me before asking to friend. I prefer to get to know people to see if I have similar interests, or if we can benefit each other.


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Theresa Rose Report | 06/30/2015 12:31 pm
Cool avi
Theresa Rose Report | 06/30/2015 12:29 pm
gaia_nitemareleft twisted gaia_nitemareright I have quite a similar interest.I like horror movies,animals,etc.Visit my profile sometime! gaia_nitemareleft twisted gaia_nitemareright
Not Toast Report | 09/02/2014 5:28 pm
Thank you. -u-
Not Toast Report | 09/02/2014 5:23 pm
Love avatar.
Ignorance ls bliss Report | 07/24/2014 4:01 am
This is Fishy-Fiishy hun. o uo
Ignorance ls bliss Report | 07/15/2014 10:16 am
Staaahp.. >//>
Ignorance ls bliss Report | 07/11/2014 6:40 pm
I-I'm not beautiful... don't flatter me like thaat~ >/w/<
Ignorance ls bliss Report | 07/08/2014 10:02 pm
Mr Erotic Report | 03/10/2014 10:19 am
tosses her aside and hugs back...
thanks... ^__^
Mr Erotic Report | 03/10/2014 10:03 am
you're very welcome hon... ^__^
thanks for the nice prices... biggrin
a hug would be nice... whee
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