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The name Sylve originated from Sylveon, but it's moreso evolved into an OC pictured here on my profile, in my about me and along the sides. I have a deep love for Sylveon in general. It's cute, love that it's traits come from friendship, etc. But to the other Pokemon lovers, it's obvious my Sylveon is not the same as the original. She is a combination of Sylveon and Espeon, creating my personal Eevee, Gemma.
Please do not use the art of Gemma or Sylve without permission.
Quite a bit of my art has originated from Mission Failure and Picatin, and some of my chiblet art is featured at the bottom of my about me.

I am obsessed with Moluccella. It's a non-adoptable color by Poet Anon, and is actually a flower (look it up you'll be surprised!). I run three color scheme guides: Dandelion, Larkspur, and most recently Moluccella, and am an active RP'er though I've narrowed down my writing partners over the years.

I love to read more than I love to watch movies/shows but anything fantasy generally makes me happy. Add romance and I'm usually sunk. Colors/Schemes I like are in the spoiler at the bottom.
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Alluring/Alruna tab (Succubi, Primrose, Raven)
Fireside tab (Brick, Dark Mousse, Crepe, Strawberry)
Goshiki tab (Poppy, Neptune)
Monarch tab (Gaia, Pumpkin, Creamsicle)
Pearlescent tab (Hue Shift)
Saiphic tab (Lily, Wintermint, Agate)

Amaranth tab (Kaguya, Sweetheart)
Artesian tab (Ectoplasm, Cursed/Stagony)
Ash tab (Nico)
Aurora tab (Silken*)
Creamsicle tab (Goldfish, Mint Julep, Witchly)
Dusk Rose tab (Bruised, Sakura)
Honeydew tab (Sublime)
Ivory/Offblack tab (Catharsis, Heirloom, Offchrome, Pure)
Fern/Fog tab (Silken*)
Fiyo tab (Fionn)
Meringue tab
Midnight tab (Milky Way)
MInt tab (Sugarmint, Mint Julep)
Moluccella* tab (Pixie Stick*, Chloris*)
Pluto tab (Fallen Wish)
Sickly tab (Konpeito)
Soft Pink tab (Holographic)

*means user scheme/color not currently adopted


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honey spice Report | 05/16/2022 3:52 am
honey spice
Oh my gosh, I bet that that was a big adjustment, getting used to work again after so long. Though I would imagine that raising kids would be even harder than most jobs in some ways. Kudos for doing both. emotion_bigheart
honey spice Report | 05/15/2022 9:33 pm
honey spice
And responded! Thank you so much! emotion_bigheart

I've been alright. Honestly I've mostly just been working. Apart from that, my transition has been going well, too. Thank you for asking. <3

How about you? How have you been? c:
honey spice Report | 05/15/2022 8:21 pm
honey spice
omg I feel silly now. I thought it was a usermade flair and saw your listing and assumed that it was yours redface

Would 200k/2t be alright? o:
honey spice Report | 05/15/2022 5:40 pm
honey spice
Omg congrats on your flair being released! It looks amazing! emotion_bigheart
Sylveon is my favorite pokemon (tied with Froslass) so I wish I had enough money to give a reasonable offer for a copy of the animated version. I'll definitely have to try and get my hands on a non-animated copy tomorrow, though. redface
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 04/26/2022 9:21 am
Thank you for your purchase ^_^
amorremanet Report | 03/02/2022 3:51 pm
Love your avi! heart
DarkRybrin Report | 01/23/2022 10:33 pm
Lovely in royal icing you are tonight. ~ I don't think there is any other site or game that allows just the sheer level of options that Gaia does. Sure, some have more elegant color systems, but nothing has the raw number of available poses and styles, or the ability to combine and then relayer at will. I completely understand staying for that alone, though I cherish many friends here.
I hope to keep pleasing you!
DarkRybrin Report | 01/23/2022 11:58 am
You make gorgeous avatars too, I love seeing you around! Sorry for misunderstanding, I was just wearing molu earlier and I've made the mistake myself of favoriting something too late. I hope you have a lovely day!
DarkRybrin Report | 01/23/2022 11:41 am
Did you want me to put on my prior avatar, since you tried to put me in the molu gallery?
cathyfugue Report | 01/06/2022 9:23 pm
Thanks! I absolutely love that item!