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Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/13

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quotes about me from other gaians

-"i like her because she's just like you, except better in every way"
-"your depression kinda turns me on, talk sad to me"
-"you seem like you come off as a cliche art student, but when someone talks to you, you're hella cool and like to eat pizzas and rip bongs"
-"you look kinda cute in your pics, but you're probably fat"
-"if you were a pokemon, you'd be a charizard with a sassy nature"


i'm sh1ba i like pokemon and s**t hell yeah i also live in washington state um also i'm baller as ********

please talk to me

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i like pokemon, my little pony, and furries
i like to think i'm hot s**t when i'm not
my gamer tag is P1NK P0150N
please talk to me i'm lonely
crush me