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Registered: 08/10/2006

Gender: Female

Location: in the rain

Birthday: 04/04/1992

Occupation: Rock Star

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Yo! With what little information you might have on me, I've taken note on that and added some stuff. It might be useless little quirks, but whatever helps.

Hair: I have what I like to call 'California hair'.

Eyes: Blue/green

Height: about 5'7"

Likes: Lions, drawing, my iPod (Kova), my handi (Kay), Kingdom Hearts, scented candles, Pirates of the Caribbean, 40's movies, Eddie Izzard, Finnish music, fencing, German music, Hip-hop, the word 'schei├če', orchestral versions of any song, listening to bands no one has heard of, and the newly discovered love, SURFING!!!!!!

Dislikes: Cat scratching on door at night, reality TV shows, chocolate ice cream, misquitoes, camping, snobs, and the newly discovered hate, JELLYFISH!!! DX

Lucky Numbers: 4 13

Colour: never go wrong with blue, silver (my current favorite)... I find I like blacks and whites

Food: chips, Ramune, orange juice, soy milk, mints, strawberries, mint tea

Hobbies: cooking, day dreaming (not at the same time), learning to play the guitar, speaking random german! biggrin

Random whatevers:
- I like naming inanimate objects

- You'd never guess it, but I can be pretty deep sometimes.

- I usually listen to a song over and over and over and over and over and over until I'm absoloutely sick of it.

- I try to have a different hair style almost every day.

- I make fun of blondes all the time.

- Hypocracy is one of my many gifts.

- I have over 2000 songs on my iPod.

- I've only heard half of them.

- my iPod is set to German instead of English.

- I have Renee Zellweger's eyes

- My unlce has a pet wolf, apparently

- I have the strangest parents on the face of the earth

- Piercings are WAY better than tatoos.

-Shostakovich's Symphony no. 5 finale opus 47 and all that good stuff is a blast to play! I must say, he and Alfred Reed are my favorite composers.

- I've had a few of these moments arrow User Image
My hero! right there! arrow arrow arrow

-My Hero = User Image

User Image

-My heroes =
User Image
I had to say heroes; they're all cool!

User Image

AIN'T HE CUUUTE?!?!?! arrow arrow


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Dear Diary... I hate my life XDD

Random quotes made by random people on random Gaia.


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xxxJoeyxxx133 Report | 01/30/2011 6:52 pm

you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 04/17/2010 1:51 pm
Hey! We're still waiting for you to reply in the "Cherry Blossoms" forum in the Ouran Guild ^_^
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 10/01/2009 9:15 pm
Damon:: Ah..... the French.... *snickers* The jokes... all hilarious, no matter what time period you're in ;D
Lisa:: Damon, be nice stare
Damon:: But why? >;D
Lisa:: .... I'm gonna go pound the heck outta the vamp-
Damon:: But you can't, see, I have this wonderful ~looks down~ eek .... scream DAMMIT, LISA, GIVE ME THE RING BACK!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa:: XP No! ^_^ mwahaha, I can win now!!!!!!! XD
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 10/01/2009 8:59 pm
Damon:: Oh, no, man, you TOTALLY threw her off guard. She didn't expect that so soon after, you know? ;D
Lisa:: Totally, man! XD you're just a commenting ninja!!! ninja
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 10/01/2009 8:49 pm
I'm commenting for random kicks and giggles.... XD
"I know you..."
"Well, that's unfortunate heart " >;D
002 Len Kagamine Report | 09/01/2009 2:27 am
That is a

Lieeeek, my gooosh! biggrin You haven't been on in foreverrrrr~ (and of course you catch me when my laptop breaks. xD )

How've you been? I missed youuuuu. >< Aaaand you missed Otakon. >>

HachiWearsAHalo Report | 06/15/2009 5:16 pm
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 02/24/2009 6:38 pm
Reno:: .... WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?! User Image

Arian:: User Image ... he's weird right now... sorry... ^^"
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 02/24/2009 6:29 pm
Arian/Reno:: AND AGAIN?! WHERE DID YOU GOOO!!! User Image
HachiWearsAHalo Report | 02/23/2009 7:27 pm
Arian/Reno:: WHERE DID YOU GOOOOOO!?!?!?!?! User Image

yea. my profile's a's getting fixed soon