When I know Myself I'll Give You Hint

I am Syaoran/Sang/Alexander/Zanzi, I am an extreamly expressive person. I don't often show my anger except in the few little quirky things I do which you would most likely only pick up if you really knew me. I'm extreamly patient, I don't like playing games of intellect with those unarmed, I like to write and make pretty things on photoshop, I like drawing and ******** around with charcoal (it feels neat on meh hands). I am highly responsible and take full charge of my actions. I hate liars, I'm not very social on gaia or any where else really, though I do like talking to people whom I know. I know how to cook, I live on my own, I have a house, not a cardboard box (Yes, that one was for you Ary). I get sick easily, I am covered in scars from stupid attempts at foolish things. I am a writer, artist and speak three different languages. Go me right? hahahaha no.