About me..what are we talking about again?!

Orrientation: bi-sexual
Age:17 years old, but really 6 n a half at heart ^-^
Gender: Female
living: Fort Mac, AB, Canada
hair color:black w/ blonde
eye color:grey/blue
Do i have glasses: yes i surely do!
Name:Bryana Rae Barcawdah Brown Young
nickname: Bryy, Bryyzbabe, kitteh, kitten etc..
Birthday: April 20th,1993
Do i have a cellphone?: OF COURSE![ask if u wants my numba wink ]
Height:5'7 1/2''

Some things about mwa: i like to be cweepy and insane sometimes! im extremly random! i like to talk a lot but i listen more than i talk xD..hmm i like to walk a lot. My friends say that i am very trustworthy and a very loyal person, i always try to be a nice person about things but if u would rather hear the truth then just tell me plz..

Situation: *complicated in the real world* *single on gaia*
Place: in ma own apartment nowz :p
Favorite holiday:hmmm i would have to say halloween
Favorite colors: blue nd black nd bloody red
THINGS i like the most: hmm tuffy...JK i would have to say my friends and um walking! lots of walking
ppl who are most dear and important to me: alisha,cam,tara,brett nd a few other pplz
favorite band EVER: threedays grace *fangurl SCREAMS HISTARICAL* i hatez country tho,, i die a lil bit everytym inside wen i hear it bleh

ive changed alot since i last came on here but im still da the ole spunky freaky dudet XD