Hello,You can call me angel...there is no need for me to say everything about myself. I will just settle with my life.In real life I have a husband and a daughter who I love, and they are more important to me than any one but God. I do not date on gaia, for my loved one's in real life are more than enough for me. smile I am here because I just like to be random, have discussions and more.I have a daughter I must take care of why my husband is off at work.


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Melted Cocoa Report | 12/16/2012 9:43 pm
Melted Cocoa
Thanks for buying! yum_puddi
My Doll Heart Report | 12/16/2012 8:57 pm
My Doll Heart
I know my friend is updating the start of it so it might be UC right now
My Doll Heart Report | 12/16/2012 6:45 pm
My Doll Heart
Yeah I know the feeling. It used to be really fast, but now we're more focused on quality over quantity.
My Doll Heart Report | 12/16/2012 4:17 pm
My Doll Heart
It's always open and accepting, it's a series related RP, though. And it moves really slowly because of my slowpoke posting habits ^^;; My main character is who you would call "the leader"
My Doll Heart Report | 12/16/2012 3:12 pm
My Doll Heart
Sorry about not replying to you before, I was in the middle of finals week and my life hasn't really become anymore simple since then.

I am active off and on in one RP in the *RLS* guild, it's where I really got my starting in role play and I'm always able to go back to it.
My Doll Heart Report | 12/06/2012 3:43 pm
My Doll Heart
Oh nice O: That sounds really cool. I've been wanting to try my hand at special effects makeup but I haven't had the time .3.;;
My Doll Heart Report | 12/06/2012 3:30 pm
My Doll Heart
Oh nice o3o Cleaning actually isn't that bad. And it's kinda easier when it's not your house for some reason XD
I'm not really sure .-. My two loves are art and math. I don't like to put them together, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what I want to do.
My Doll Heart Report | 12/06/2012 3:17 pm
My Doll Heart
So far we have lots of ideas, but nothing started xD
Oh wow o: What kind of business is it?
Like I said, I'm just on my first term ^^; College is kind of boring, I liked high school better I think.
My Doll Heart Report | 12/06/2012 2:22 pm
My Doll Heart
Hahaha really? XD Ever find anything strange? I tried but I didn't find the site. My hope is that they took it down due to it being inactive.
lol I'm in the middle of finals week in my frist term of college so I'm kind of like "Fun? What is 'Fun?'"
I like to sew and I like to paint o3o Pretty much anything creative. I used to RP, but I don't do that much any more. I like to sing and a friend of mine and I are going to try out making music videos over the brake :3
My Doll Heart Report | 12/06/2012 12:28 pm
My Doll Heart
It was an assignment for a Graphic Design class. We needed to make a website to post our work on. I don't even remember what it's called anymore xD I'm fairly sure it would pop up if I googled myself, though.


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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." -Lao Tzu

how they are supposed to be -^//^-

my love and husband in rl

my love and husband in rl