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AgentLacey Report | 06/05/2013 1:36 pm
Um, hey Swim.... I still feel kinda bad for being such a.... b- word and such before. Drawing and doing art really changed me....
And well, I was wondering if your gaia character would like to be in one of my comics....? Thought I needed to do more than just apologize to you. sad
tuki 18 Report | 08/21/2011 11:16 pm
tuki 18
tuki 18 Report | 08/13/2011 6:34 pm
tuki 18
I like ur avi its awesome smile smile smile
Mrs Fapp Report | 05/29/2011 11:33 am
Mrs Fapp
oh swim, swim swim swim swim ily
Last of Jacks blood Report | 05/06/2011 3:38 pm
Last of Jacks blood
i think i know a prolem that could be the cause of that pain its called pleurisy
lCONlC Report | 04/28/2011 5:35 pm
im just pretty bored
lCONlC Report | 04/28/2011 3:28 pm
whats up? && thanks for the gifts ii really like them
lCONlC Report | 04/28/2011 2:53 pm
Lup Taaco Report | 04/27/2011 3:35 pm
Lup Taaco
Thanks for Buying Hun
ii-Cammi-ii Report | 04/20/2011 2:35 pm
life is good, but sometimes it's REALLY bad



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lol check out my bestie <3 she's new but she's very nice