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My Dream Avi:
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Total Value: 69,370 Gold
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Item List:
White Paper Cat Band
Classic Black Mary Janes
Red Candy Striped Stockings
Devoted Pawn
Coal Tavern Wench's Cincher
Classic Partition Top

Some ways to annoy the heck out of people

Continuously open your briefcase or bag and say into it, "Have you got enough air in there?"

Decline to be seated at a restaurant and simply eat their complimentary mints at the cash register.

Disassemble your pen and "accidentally" flip the ink cartridge across the room.

Dress like a "High-class rich person" and wash windows at random street corners.

Every time someone asks you to do something or says something to you ask "Is that a threat?"

Every time you see a particular coworker, shout, "So we meet again!" and laugh evilly.

Explain "the little green men" in detail to someone, and when they don't believe you, accuse them of being one in disguise.

Follow a few paces behind someone, spraying everything they touch with a can of Lysol.

Go up to a someone and say, "Are you annoyed by irrelevant questions?" And then walk away very quickly.

Look at your hand in amazement and say, "Whoa, I never knew I had this!"

While making presentations, occasionally bob your head like a parakeet.

While in the bathroom with someone in the next stall, Say

, "Now how did that get there?"
Say, "Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't have put my lips on that."

Whisper right in someone's ear, "I know what you did last summer."

Tell the people your problems. They really want to know.

While talking to the pizza guy on the phone:

Amuse the order taker with little-known facts about country music.

Ask how many dolphins were killed to make that pizza.

Ask if you get to keep the pizza box. When they say yes, heave a sigh of relief.

Belch directly into the mouthpiece; then tell your dog it should be ashamed.

Move the mouthpiece farther and farther from your lips as you speak. When the call ends, jerk the mouthpiece back into place and scream GOODBYE at the top of your lungs.

Mumble, "There's a bomb under your seat." When asked to repeat that, say, "I said, 'sauce smothered with meat'."



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this is what i do all day

i plan to write about stuff that happens to me that is really good, really bad, funny or interesting.


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alittlelamb13 Report | 07/02/2009 9:33 am
and of course i bought u somethin in real life... smile
alittlelamb13 Report | 07/02/2009 9:32 am
yeah im actually on too! im on from my phone so i may just buy u something for ur dream avi for ur bday when i go on from the computer!
alittlelamb13 Report | 05/31/2009 8:25 am
wat pieces do u still need for ur dream avi?
alittlelamb13 Report | 05/29/2009 9:30 am
heyy. hows the dream avi going? ur never on anymore! ive been on more again. suggestion: move the jumbo-size butterfly off ur info!
Cinnamon9679 Report | 04/28/2009 4:17 pm
pray for maxie. we think she could have cancer. crying crying I don't want her to go yet! heart heart
mandada Report | 02/08/2009 9:59 am
poor liney sad
buttercup9679 Report | 01/24/2009 8:04 pm
ya ik same and the breaks are like.... GIVE ME EVERYONE POSSIBLE ya school wears everyone down im sure (except mia nothin gets her down) (she could care less) but ya... look at the bright side were exactly halfway through the year. we just have 2 languages to go, only 5 months of school left until summer, were already through iowas. AND youve done your science presentation. I still have 2 worry about tht im practicin
mandada Report | 01/20/2009 3:20 pm
SWEET PROFILE! I <3'S IT! cept i cant read anything in your info becuase since of the GIANT butterfly...
alittlelamb13 Report | 01/18/2009 5:41 pm
Hey. Yeah im on my sidekick. Yeah now I like never use the computer...Sorry haven't been on gaia 4ever!!! Ahh!! Well hope I talk 2 u on email or thru comments on here =) Alright comment me back or email me.
buttercup9679 Report | 01/04/2009 2:36 pm
Ha. Ha. i neither of those. bt ya it's hard 2 explain. DANG girl breaks gnna b over in 6 hoursssss rawr immm sad crying



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