hi i an awsome person who likes pie! i have lots of friends and they like pie 2!!!! i am on a swimteam so i love 2 swim!!! my fav stroke is breaststroke and backstroke.my favorite # is 88 cuz thats my favorite nascar driver...dale earnhart jr.i have an awsome family and i luv them and they luv me.my favorite color is lime green and purple nad my fav bug is the ladybug!!i hate school just like most kids do! i have a cute laberdoodle dog named "harley".i luv 2 sing with my bff and dance.rite now my favorite songs rite now r bullet proof by la roux,the house that built me by miranda lambert,this afternoon by nickelback,hillbilly bone by blake shelton.
if u couldnt tell i luv music!!!!!!! :~)i luv the movie willow,and i absuluty luv 2 read.i hate walmart and luv publix!! i like shrimp and steak and i have 2 have my mash taters.i was in all-county chorus in 5th grade.i luv the beach and water.i am not really girly,but i do act like a girl. lol! i luv 2 text but i dont have phone... :~( my life is kinda cool it can b rogh sometimes but i luv it.my fav teachers r mrs gutowski and mrs chattey. they r da bomb lol!!

(FYI, this was done a yr ago and i dont feel like redoing it!! lol)


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swim_gurl 615

Report | 07/24/2011 11:17 am

swim_gurl 615

OMG! like 1 week a go i caight a sail fish, in about 500 foot of water.
i belly hooked him.it was about a 45 min. fite. im 5ft 5in. and it was taller then me!!!!!
flippin cool!!!!!!!!!
hahaha surprised


swimgurl 615!! :~)