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hello! i'm swurge and no that isn't my real name , i was born in 1989 so you do the math on how old i am..
i listen to bands that noone has ever heard of.
I am addicted to secondlife
im short 5'0 to be exact.
If you want to ask questions feel free.
there isn't else much to say about me.

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and please dont stalk me on threads... its a little bit creepy...

Heres a quote from a movie called bang bang your dead

"Make your face a mask. A mask that hides your face. A face that hides the pain. A pain that eats your heart. A heart nobody knows"


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My journal

this is where ill keep my avatar art, signs, and toys SUBSCRIBE


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Report | 06/15/2011 10:58 pm


Long time, no talk. haha. Thanks for the birthday wish!!
What's been going' on since I disapeared?

Report | 03/15/2011 4:48 pm


Thanks for buying~!

Report | 02/03/2011 5:17 am


Canceling trade, we're friends aren't we? : )
No need to pay me lol, save the money for the other girl xD

And don't leave gaia crying
Come back soon? Or take a long break?
w i s h e l l e

Report | 02/02/2011 11:12 pm

w i s h e l l e

Don't leave Gaia, Swurge. ): And definitely don't delete your account!
You never know when you'll want to come back if you do leave.
Sometimes Gaia gets boring for me, too, and I leave for a couple of months and come back and it's fun again.

So if you do need a break, take a serious hiatus and come back in a few months and see how it is. (:
Besides, I'd miss you too much if you left.

Report | 12/30/2010 1:14 am


Sure I'll make one tomorrow as soon as I wake up xD
And no tips, friends are friends : )

Report | 12/30/2010 1:10 am


Going to sleep soon but sure, what kind?
Gotta finish avi arts but so lazy xD

Report | 12/30/2010 12:03 am


Aw I could have made you a logo for free xD

Report | 12/27/2010 10:24 am


Welcome Back Swurgey ♥
Jiraiya The Hentai Sage

Report | 12/10/2010 6:22 am

Jiraiya The Hentai Sage

TRust me I wanna go bad. I want a front row seat. Hell I mite talk to my wrestling friends to see about working security. Imagine the whole time youll be able to see me ringside.
Drusillas Spike

Report | 12/09/2010 4:52 pm

Drusillas Spike

thanks ,luv


Hi, i'm swurge and i'm werid.
deal with it

~Gaia bday~
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