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My journal blah... blah.. blah... just read it ^^

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Come back soon :]


<3 Sweetie Pie Kagome <3

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Last Login: 04/12/2017 10:31 am

Registered: 05/16/2008

Gender: Female

Location: New Jersey

Birthday: 10/16

Occupation: being myself

Personal Website

Guess who! :3

This stuff hasn't been updated since like 2008 so I'm not going to touch it. Instead I'm just going to post what you should know right here. On top. Aggressively. haha

I'm mostly on tumblr now, so if you want to talk to me, you can reach me at the following:
Skype: xxbri-nessxx

I love making friends, so feel free to reach out! Contact me through the first two before using my email, unless I know you xx
[O.o] - O rly?
[¬.¬] - Ya rly.
[O.O] - NO WAI!

i know rite! xD

( ._.)
(>< ) *

People call me Kitten. Or Bri. But call me Kitten.

My favorite colors are black, hot pink, silver, & purple.

I watch anime when I have free time, so, here are the ones I like.
::Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
: biggrin eath Note
::Full Metal Alchemist
::Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
::Lucky Star

I like a LOT of bands, so, here are some of my favorites.
::Emarosa [with Jonny Craig]
::Falling In Reverse
: razz aramore
: razz anic! At the Disco
::Sleeping with Sirens
::Escape The Fate [with Ronnie Radke]

DoNaTeRs- i <3 you guys | thanx so much for the donation x3

heart lordsesshomarusgf - 20k ish, cherries, sliver bff locket(2x), trendy dark skinny jeans,sakura kimono, heart of gold, and squirrel cosplay
heart guy13257 - orchid headphones, blue denim short shorts, easter bunny shirt,heartstring
heart -i- lilith -i- - onyx milady bodice
heart catboy serat - sasha's alternate skirt (70k ish)
heart moondoggy09 - 20k
heart penutbrittle369 - red laquer chopsticks
heart dark_tridus - red laquer chopsticks, and red peony spicy qipao
heart daniiellebaybiiee - cuttlephones
heart daddy_xxx - fauna boots
heart some anonymous person 4 christmas - silver hoop earrings

~Dream Avi
-helps me? :]
3nodding = have it

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Item List:
Heart Eye Patch
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Black Stockings
Black Nosey Face Tattoo 3nodding
Panda Slippers
Melonpan of Haruharu (headband)
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt 3nodding
Kottan Bell 2nd Gen

FaVe FrIeNd QuOteS:

~"Oh my cow!" - Wolk
~"I'm not falling; im flying in a painful downwards motion." -Chelly
~" I have the memory of a brain-dead goldfish with alsheimers."- Sonnii
~" I am not a vending machine! You cannot just poke me and get what you ask for!" -Me
~"I'm glad i have people that love me when i'm frigged up inside (: " -Me

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Acid Blackrain
Airan lost demon
xX Cookie Doll Xx

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