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Me :3

Hello and welcome to my profile .
My Gaia username is Sweetheart Chocola , youknow :3
This the third time i change my name .
First = xD I forgot
Second = Jirachi_lolly mini
Yan can either call me Jirachi // Chocola // Sweetheart . I don't like people to call me Mini // Choco // Jira , nobody likes it . I am a single , Female . I love eating spicy food or sour ones , espicially both mixed together ,which is tom yam . Love it !

I am collecting Free arts too as i can't pay on art shops arts as the arts super nice but expensive .. cat_sad . Ps , i am not saying that Freebies is ugly ! xd
I vends for profit , so don't lowballz . Cus i don't play zOMG lots , i vend to get money , if i play zOMG lots, i would have actually let you lowball a little . Even if i wanted to play zOMG , not really finding a crew ... even have , 6O% Is a FAIL .

Oh Yes, don't add me as your friend if we haven't ever chatted before or known your name in which ever games/forums . DON'T ADD ME ! Unless me says '' Add meh for Bluedots '' .

Draw me some art ? I pay too unless it above 1OOk+


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Please note that i always follows abp when vending items in Exchange ! Also , i haggles lots !

Also , i do anon art- Gifitng :3 So get my attention !
<3 cute things

Art by Radiant_Ambitions1993


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