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Hi Everyone Kylee Speaking Hee hee Ho Haww <33 Okay well anyway... Im 5'7. I have Carribean eyes. Dark Brown Hair... Im really random at times but thats the way people Love me... well some people atleast... At first i may seem shy but just wait and Ill be really social TRUST ME o.o heee hee yup yup. >.> Soo yah... Here Are things I love: Drawing, Turquoise ^^, Kitties, Kawaiiness, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, dancing, Being random, Emo (scene hair/kids), Collecting Perfume x], Singing, Playing Piano, Playing the Violin, Hanging out with my friends, chatting on the phone, The mall, and Tofu >.< Hahah yea... well um comment me plz and message me any time yoo want! Ty and have a great day!

French Toast :]

You son of a biscuit eating Bulldog!! What the French Toast?! Did you think I wouldnt find out about your little doo doo head Cootie QUEEEN. Who Are you calling a cootie queen you lint licker?! PICKLE YOU CUMQUAT! Your over-reacting!! No Bill Over reacting was when I put your convertable into a woodchipper... Stinky Mc' Stink FAACE!! -dumps stuff on the floor- ..... You Hobucket =/

Nyah <3

Ooo Ooo Ooo Wanna Chat with mee??!! Well Just Click on one of those links below!! ^^ Hee hee Have a nice day everyone and Dachuu for coming to mii page!!

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