Bonjour! Call me Dolly. Im very interesting. Haha. Im also funny, crazy, and sometime very wierd smile . I don't like to be compare. When im alone and sad I don't like to be bother. I get relly grouchy. Im in love with HPL<3. I have enemies and I have lovers. You could be my bestbuddy or you could be my worst enemies! I'm obsessed with Korean Drama(: I sometime like to be Nerdy. Bwahaha^^. I love to skateboard. Photography is my life. So.. that all you need to know smile

Oh Nany, I'm proud to say I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. You keep me nothing but happy and satisfied, you make me get such an unbelievable feeling around you I'm not really quite sure what that feeling is but I'm bound to find it someday smile I want to be with you till all mankind dies. When you ask me why I "love you" It's hard for me to explain because there's so many things that I haven't figured out about you to love, and the things I do love about you would take weeks to explain it, and that's why I say never question why I love you biggrin I often miss you a lot especially when the both of us go out of town. Your extremely creative, and extreme at almost everything you do. That's probably why you end up breaking bones. You have a sensitive side of you,And I thank you for showing me that side of you because I'm not sure I would know you as much as I do now. I am pretty sure you know more about me than I know about myself. You can always tell me what kind of mood I am in, and I can always tell what kind of mood your in. But most of the time your happy, and you at least try to keep things positive and not to negative. Hernan Puga-Luna. I love you.