hey, i'm ryan(;
i'm 16 years old.

randomly asked questions:
are you single? -yes, very much so.
where do you live/where is la jolla beach? -in california.
do you online date? -depends.
will you make me a sign? -no, i'm not your b***h.

pm, comment, or add me.

sweet troubled soul xx

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Princess_Sexy_Bi Report | 07/01/2010 5:19 pm
hey... readin those comments that i used to post when we were dating i thought about how i really did love you and i mean it boobear smile
im so sorry for whatever went between us i really am wow im such a b***h you wont even talk to me anymore i understand that but if you ever decide to talk to me again im right here where i will always be
fallen angelic serenity Report | 08/11/2009 9:16 pm
fallen angelic serenity
hey sexy wuz up?
some plants Report | 07/30/2009 10:10 pm
some plants
Ur username rocks! Random hello!! ^^ so hi and stuff LOL. Nice avi btw =]
~+Immortal Fanged Demon+~
underdark_6_6_6 Report | 07/04/2009 3:51 pm

emodrummergirl Report | 05/22/2009 3:45 am
hi ^^
Taylor_Freak Report | 05/03/2009 11:20 am
Nice page
xXxCaLiFoRnIaBaByxXx Report | 05/01/2009 4:14 pm
wow! aly thats all u had to say? wow
CraZy_PurPle_PiNeApPle Report | 04/24/2009 7:54 pm
ur HOT
xX I_SuPa_FwEsH Xx Report | 04/18/2009 9:10 pm
xX I_SuPa_FwEsH Xx
NervousTrash Report | 04/05/2009 5:07 pm
that sucks.
im not cool enough for people to do that to me,you know,saying my pic is theirs.



me on the way to la jolla beach

yo, an fyi for everyone.
i haven't been on gaia since like last year.
so sorry, and if i don't remember you... i'm REAALLLYY sorry.
i'mma try to get on more often!