MY sweet dream.

I'm not gonna be on much anymore... I wanted to roleplay but now I don't feel appreciated... I lost everyone who was here except for two people. Ruka and Zero. The last one... I don't know anymore... -sigh-

FINAL Cosplay:
Yuuki Kuran/Cross - Vampire Knight

Something I'll Never be able to obtain...

Our lines of sight intersect within this closed world.
Although you play dumb, I can almost feel your infatuation.
Hiding my burning heart, I approach you.
Simply feeling my breath will be enough to paralyze you.
I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I won't leave a footprint in even the smallest crevice.
Thinking that my words are pure, you've let your guard down.
Even if it were a potent poison, I had a feeling that you'd still drink it all down.
There's no place to escape from this rusty chain;
the more you fight against the tickling of the clock's second hand,
the harder it gets.
I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I now peak into the small crevice,
and capture you.

For years, I've wondered when He'll notice me. A silly musician I suppose I am, longing for something that will never be possible. Fates separated by many ties... It makes my heart weep. He'll never know how I feel..

Love is.... an uncomfortable subject. I'm troubled when I hear everyone say "I love you" frequently...... I doubt what they say is true... And I have trouble tolerating it. My heart is in a strange place... I can't place the way it beats...
Well now you know about me, what do you want?