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xoxkagomexox77 Report | 03/11/2011 11:36 am
heya how are you, long time no see whee
Suarah Report | 07/12/2009 5:43 pm
Thx for buying my Vampire's Drained Victim!
wiccanwitch0110 Report | 04/15/2009 3:14 pm
its ok... neither would i... its like the most horrible day.... i felt sooo bad that u left.... i like cursed the girl out and totally blew my hea off... i was soooo pissed at wat she did....
but its ok cuz ill never bring it up again.... 4 u
wiccanwitch0110 Report | 04/13/2009 1:35 pm
no im talkin about the blonde b!itch that wouldnt leav the room when u and i were talkin on here.... not that lauren was in the convo at my house when i was on the computer
wiccanwitch0110 Report | 04/12/2009 1:14 pm
oh ok... thats kool... she is at her nana's house and her nana's wont let gaia on that computer
wiccanwitch0110 Report | 04/12/2009 10:47 am
im sorry that that stupid b!tch got in the way of our time.... i wont ever let that happen again
i love u for understanding that about me to.
i understand u the same way u understand me....
i love u for that as well
u r the best boyfriend that i have ever had
even though we r thousands of miles apart...
i wish u could be here with me for all time
i wish i could wake up and see ur face and give u a great big hug....
wat i dont like is that we cant ever actually talk on here cuz our time difference is 4 hours....
so if its 11 here... its actually 7 there... which is a big problem...if its 7 here... do u think that u could actually get on at 3 there... it would be alot easier...
by the way... i totally 4got what grade u r in... r u in the 8th grade cuz thats what i thought but i wasnt sure.....
wiccanwitch0110 Report | 04/11/2009 3:56 pm
hey sweetie.... how r u.. i miss u... see im on when u arent... and u r on when im not... i wish we could be on at the same time...... i love u soo much... and u should always kno that i will be there... i wont leave u in the dust like some people..... i love u for who u r... u should kno that. whenever im alone at night sleeping i see ur face (or what i imagine it looks like) in my mind and a have great dreams...... whenever another guy looks at me i think of u and how much u mean to me.....
dont let this note make the wrong assumptions....
love ya
gothic_angle0110 Report | 04/01/2009 3:28 pm
dont quit she loves u .... plz she would be so upset if u did u guys r ment to be .... she wonts to be with u forever she said and i quot..." this is just to show that we will be together forever we r not REALLY getting married"... thoughs r the words that came out of her mouth .... so she doesnt REALLY wont to get married she just wonts to know that u will stay together forever.
gothic_angle0110 Report | 03/31/2009 12:06 pm
i am so sorry .... bri thinks u guys r she is setting up a wedding and everything!!!! U NEED TO TALK TO HER SHE IS THE ONE HOW TOLD ME THAT U GUYS WERE I AM SORRY I THOUGHT U SAID U WOULD MARRY HER!!!!!
gothic_angle0110 Report | 03/29/2009 5:28 pm
ok whats on ur mind

Ms. Lovett and Sweeney Todd

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This is Brittney! I love her soooo much! She is so cool, even when it is nipply! I love her. I wish she were here with me!

Katy Perry is a babe!!! I love her! She is sooooo seksy!

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