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~*Free's Fab Outfit*~

~*Wardrobe of Dreams*~


~*About Moi*~

'Ello! And welcome to my profile!

W00t! ALL HAIL THE ANIMAL LOVERS GUILD! My new addiction. It's absolutely awesome! I try to go online daily, but school keeps me busy. Random pm's welcomed.

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I'm the co-owner of this amazing new thread, with my new online best-buddy, Popper! Come and play with us!
*NEW NEWS! Name game for meh hammi! Actually, it's not a game at all, I just need/want suggestions.

Current Quests:
*gasp* Meh dream avi ish COMPLETE! I traded a katana, a gwee, and some gold for the Guitar of Angellus, and Adephi donated my Hammi! (I luff her!) I guess I'll "save up" for a g blade, but right now, there's nothing I REALLY want. *shrug*. . .Hip hip hooray for personal goals!!!

-Drawing (Avi art!)
-Listening to music (esp. rock)
-Going to visit the Animal Lover's Guild
-Playing with Puppy Girl
-Visiting the local animal shelter (hobby?)
-Learning about dogs or wolves
-Staring at pictures of dogs or wolves
-Watching Animal Planet (Dog Shows)
-Taking my dog to the park and meeting other dogs

Additional Info:
Nick Name: Free
Doggy: Maja
Gwee's Name: Baako. It means "First Born" in African (or something) Kinda odd, but he was my first Gaian creature . . .
Momo's Name: Not Momo, but . . . Pucker! Named after a gorilla Dian Fossey raised (I <3 her)
Mochi's Name: Conan Nolan, "Little Fighter" in Irish. Awww, he's so cute! *pats*
O RLY? Name: Clarence. I dunno, I just found it fitting . . .
Reindeer Slippers Names: Frank (Left) and Joe (Right) Hardy. Someone I know REALLY likes these guys! XD
Water Meat: Sir Loin. Visit sakura1622's profile to see his brother, Ribeye.
Location: Far Far Away
Age: *slaps Fantasma*
Country: US of A

Random Remarks:
~*Luff you Hun Jay! XP
~*I need a name for my Hammi
~*Wow, all of my pets/living articles of clothing are boys . . . or was Pucker a girl? This is sad, considering I made a fake autobiography on Dian Fossey . . . *punches self*

It's Not Over

~*Gaian Gossip*~

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HACKED ADD NEW Report | 09/16/2007 5:05 pm
Hello Stew's old account User Image
AtreeX Report | 07/03/2007 3:47 pm
Ouch... That sucks. You sure there's no way to get it back?
scandinavian_stew Report | 07/02/2007 6:20 am
SOMEONE PINCH ME. They're not accepting my old password anymore, and my old account has an invalid email that Ed terminated! *dies*
scandinavian_stew Report | 06/22/2007 6:12 pm
I'm so close to getting you back, my beloved account ~ !
chowder chaser Report | 06/22/2007 5:16 am
chowder chaser
its a joke!
sakura1622 Report | 03/18/2007 6:25 pm
wut did i miss u and hun jay together??? eek eek
AtreeX Report | 03/18/2007 5:34 pm
I bet Hun Jay loves you too, AK. xd
chowder chaser Report | 03/18/2007 5:32 am
chowder chaser
chowder chaser Report | 03/18/2007 5:31 am
chowder chaser
Gooood profile!!!
angelove_me2000 Report | 03/17/2007 9:37 pm
nice profile....



I vant to suck your blood!