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Watchu wan' kno Punk!?

Name: Meygan :]
Facts: Born in Chi-town on Nov. 19, made into a Chinese and Viet, Protestant, Scorpio chikka. Spazzstic, Sweet, Sarcastic, Silly, Stylish, Smarticle. Easily entertained, cheerful, content, clumsey and currently Single :] Also known as Mango, Meygers, Tranzam, Meggie, Maggie Waggie, Mini Toasted Marshmellow, Panda-chan and Muf or Muffinz!
Likes: GOD! :] EATING!! Family, Friends, Church, Fellaz, Volleyball, Cross country or Track, Food, Boba Tea, Panda bears, Sweets, Candy, Coffee, Piano, Singing, Dancing, Parties, Teasing, The Beach, Traveling and Helping people (theres a limit to that lol)
Dislikes: People who yell at me! People who annoy me or criticise me or just basicly get on my nerves. When Im sick :[
Music: Mostly Trance/Dance, Hip Hop, Azn pop/Rock, R&B and Rap. Rock depends, but I cant stand Country, gets on my nerves!

I am apart of the INFAMOUS MADUBACHI TRIO!!! I am also the MUF in the FABULOUS GIG FU MUF. I like playing all kinds of games like FF, SO, KH, DMC, DW, MS, CC, DMC, AC, HM, ect. ect.

Hello one and all!! I also in the Madubachi Trio, and I am the Fu in GIG FU MUF. DOn't ask, they're just little things we make up for ourselves. okay...I'm not entirly sure what I'm soposta write here, so I shall comment on Meygan. She is awesome sause, and if I ever had to pick anyone to be Vice-President of the world, it would be her. I would say President, but that is already taken by the other person in Madubachi...Although they can always kill eachother for the posistion if they really wanted...but that's besides the point. Yeah, Meygan is who got me into Manga really, so if you ever need anyone to tell you what's good, she's the girl for ya! About the helping people...um...*cough* yeah, never mind, I won't say it. I wouldn't want her to behead me when she is Vice-President of the world, so yeah. n_n Ummmm...I don't really know what to say. So, I shall leave you with this...


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ThunderSparks Report | 04/19/2008 7:25 am
Well, i mean, i did try, just i didnt do as good as i thought i could have done. User Image

But anyway, im really, really glad that u guys came and liked it!!!! Kristin and Virginia came last night and really liked it too!!! It was great!!!!
ThunderSparks Report | 03/26/2008 3:00 pm
Hey, Megan! I havent talked to u in a long time!
ThunderSparks Report | 02/17/2008 12:24 pm
Well, yeah..i guess that's kinda right. I mean the movie was pretty boring to me, and strangely i just felt like talking and being loud!! LOL

But yeah, it was just me and Leyla inbetween all this..."love"...i didnt really have anyone to really talk to....so me and leyla started talking, and then ppl were getting mad at us...especially Zack. So we moved.

But yeah...i love it when its just all of us that hang out together. Like it was last year. Idk, thats just my opinion.

But what about Monday...i mean...tomorrow?? lol

Got ny plans then??
ThunderSparks Report | 02/15/2008 2:09 pm
Well, i think it wuld be way to hard to do anything NOW...but maybe Monday??? Since we dont have school!!!! User Image User Image User Image User Image
ThunderSparks Report | 02/13/2008 3:39 pm
Well, i really dont know. But i do know that Sunday probably, must likely is not going to work for me...

But yeah...maybe that would be fun to not be outnumbered anymore...but...it was kinda nice though anyway...how it was last year...

But no, i have no problem with my arm for laser tag! I would totally be fine!!

OH!! ok, so the places with laser tag, are LaserQuest (super super fun!), or eSkape. If we went to eSkape, then we could play a game or two of laser tag, AND a game of bowling, or something. That would be very fun.
ThunderSparks Report | 02/10/2008 10:10 am
ALL those ppl?! wow..that is a lot...

Buuuttt....i guess it would be..interesting to meet all of them..User Image User Image lol

so yeah, idk. What do u think? Are there any other boyfriends that i should know about? lol User Image User Image
ThunderSparks Report | 02/09/2008 11:25 am
Well, idk...it would be fun anywhere. Idk if i could do it becuase i havent even mentioned it to my mom or dad yet, so..idk. BUt i do know that i want to do SOMETHING with u guys!!!!

Well, she said she might be moving in with her dad, so thats why she would go to bg instead...
ThunderSparks Report | 02/06/2008 8:00 am
I know!!!! More snow days!!!! just keep um comin'!!!!!!!! lol

But yeah, Lori told me that, (and i think Kathi too, becuase we were in the car to the movies at the time) at Leyla's party! Oh...yeah..and Kathi's driving....

Um, idk. Dinner would be fun, or just hanging out at one of our houses, or maybe both!!!!!!

What do u think?
ThunderSparks Report | 02/03/2008 8:57 am
Well, yeah, since i did all my homework on Thursday night, assuming that there was going to be school the next day. So now, i had no homwork!!

Yeah, im sure hersey is more strict anyways. that means that bg is more fun!! hahaha..lol

omg, did u know that lori might be going to bg soon!!!!?? its so cool!!!

Valentines Day is coming up...we should all get together on that weekend!! That would be fun!!!
ThunderSparks Report | 02/01/2008 8:52 am
YEAH I KNOW!!!!! 3 DAY WEEKEND....PLUS....NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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