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hello by reading this im guessing your literate and thus would under stand what im typing congratulations well my name is Khalaggar my real name is a huge different dark unforgivable sinister past but this is the present so enjoy on what you have now and and im kinda shrouded in darkness so dont expect to gain a ton of info on me from reading this i watch alota anime have a intens knowledge on guns and swords and read alot sooo ARG ******** YOU


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rariszoo Report | 02/01/2013 10:48 pm
Happy Birthday mrgreen
SquirelFeed Report | 10/31/2012 5:15 pm
Thats all I have so far
SquirelFeed Report | 10/31/2012 5:15 pm
Part three

Okay, but the girl? I see a collar around the passed out girls throat and kneel down to see where the silver chain that is attached to it leads, Someone was torturing her. See this? I pick up the chain and now do I see that the girls hands and feet are bound with shackles. I trace the chain with my eyes and I see that it leads to a cave. Some dam long chain, I thought, is there a cage in there or something?

*the girls point of view before Rosamire found her*

Let me go, I spit, pressing my back against the wall of the cave. It feels wet and slippery as well as jagged to my palms, which are outstretched for safety. My feet are bare and the caverns floor feels like wet wood chips as I try to move away from a pair of eyes that are glowing slightly with a menacing look in them. I hear laughter, quiet and sweet.
You need to repay your debt, Seaina, a male voice, very strong accent that I am not able to place, says as I feel his breath on my neck, I know you love me, so just relax.
I feel my captor fasten something around my neck. I open my mouth to object, but I feel his lips on mine. Theyre cold, passionate, loving, and hostel all at the same time. I kiss back, startling myself, before realizing what Im doing.
I struggle out of his strong grip and use a lighter to burn the rope binding my ankles.
I then turn towards the light, the mouth of the cave, as I scramble to my feet and untie my hands. I bolt, but not before I get a glimpse of the man. It is blurry, but I can make out his light skin and crimson hair. His eyes burn with fury as I escape, running into the woods in front of the cave.
My eyes sting with tears of joy and it blurs my vision, if only for a second. Then I feel strong hands on my back, they grab my shoulders and spin me around so Im facing them.
Its the crimson haired boy, I told you, Sea, I know you love me. He grunts as I struggle against his grip, So stay put. He pants as he pins my legs down with his and me arms above my head with one of his hands. He reaches into his leather satchel and pulls out some shackles. He forces my ankles into them as Im kicking, trying to get out from under him.
Then he pushes the nearby carcass of a wolf on my legs to keep them still as he puts his right knee on my wrists, making me unable to move. I squirm as he pulls a bottle out of his satchel.
I said hold still! He says through gritted teeth as he pulls the cork out of the bottle by using his teeth. He brings my arms down behind my back then forces my mouth open with his hands. He pours the vile smelling liquid in my mouth and does a dirty street trick.
He closes my mouth and plugs my nose, I wont let go until you swallow, my love. Im starting to black out and I swallow.
I try to speak, but I find that I cant move my jaw, much less any other body part. The man just stares at me with his amber eyes and smirks as he attaches a chain to the collar around my throat. He then grabs another set of shackles and puts them on my wrists.
Ill be back for you later, love. He says and caresses my jawline with his index finger. I shed a silent tear and he walks off. Then my eyes close.

*normal point of view*

I sigh as I pick up Rosamire and walk back to the path. That girl had looked so much like Seaina, her twin, but she had died when they were five by running off on her own in the woods one day.
SquirelFeed Report | 10/31/2012 5:14 pm
Part two

Its just asking for us to kill ourselves to be together, I complain, resisting the temptation of flying away with Rosamire in my arms.
Cant we at least say goodbye? Rosa pipes up as there is a knock on the door. Her father shakes his head no, mine shoves me toward the door.
I open the door and pull my shirt back down, You can come in. I say as I pull the door back. Suddenly, a neko is poking and priding me. Sasha has a very mean looking duffle bag with her. It detracts from her natural beauty. Her cat ears and tail are a fluffy grey color, and they contrast oddly with her sapphire eyes and darker skin. As she circles me her long blond hair hits me in the face.
I presume that this is Trysiun? She asks, her British accent heavier than the Russian of both Aaron and Ron.
Yes, Sasha, my father says, smiling softly as he folds his blood red leather wings back, This is my son, Trysiun.
Whos the other girl, Sasha asks, meaning Rosamire, The human?
Shes my.. I start, but my dad cuts me off.
Rosamire is his best friend. He answers for me when a young elf, about my age, enters. Rosamire pales, then I know wether or not Id seen him before. I have, in fact, hes the one who suggested that I should go talk to Rosamire because she looked lonely in first grade.
I resist the urge to growl as Thynor kisses Rosas hand, Good morning, Thynor. I say coldly. Then, before my dad can interject, Be good to Rosa, dude, I love her. I then roughly start to walk back to her, but he turns to face me.
Trysiun? The young elf with short blond hair and azure eyes asks, I nod. I had no clue that you two were together, guess my matchmaking works.
Well, it started with a whisper. But now, thanks to all our fathers, you and Rosamire are perfect for each other. Im stuck with the gal who eats mice and kills for a living. I look down miserably.
You can run off to wherever now, King Ron, Rosamires father, says. I say a week thanks and walk outside. Rosamire, Sasha, and Thynor follow.
I walk out to the edge of the woods and notice that Im practically holding hands with my dream girl. We both blush and then all of us walk into the woods. I take off my shirt and stretch my wings as I see Rosamire run off ahead on the path.
Thynor starts to match her pace but I grab his arm as he tries to run past, Shes one of the smarter humans I know, I say, knowing she is hiding in the brush with a dagger in her hand, We dont need to help her.
I have a feeling that a pair of eyes are pouring into the spot on my back where my wings and flesh touch. I know its Sasha because my father told her I was human, and it turns out that Im a demon.
Thynor hears a scream and runs off to find Rosamire with me trailing behind him. We ran through bushes and thorny thickets that made me regret taking off my shirt.
When we reach her I see that Rosamire is standing paralyzed over a girls body. I cautiously step around her long dark brown hair and instantly see the resemblance between the two girls. The fact that the other girls top is torn shows me her skin is the same shade as Rosas is.
Thynor opens one eyelid carefully and, seeing that her eyes are grey, said, Trysiun, this girl has been possessed as of late. We need to go.
SquirelFeed Report | 10/31/2012 5:09 pm
Part one

Trysiun! my father, King Aaron, shouts and I ignore him. Get your a** down here this minute! I look around my room as I fold my black leather like wings and search for a shirt to wear in my redwood dresser. The black carpet in the middle of the room feels soft as I walk across it. As I leave my four poster bed I step on some lose glass, but I dont mind.
Another shout from the demon king, Im coming, dad! I yell down the stairs and, once I find a shirt that works with my bright blue eyes, pale complexion, and messy brown hair, calmly walk down the stairs to see my dad.
I am blown back literally) by how good he looks. His silver hair is slicked back, teeth as white as pearls, and I dont see any anger in his amber eyes.
Guests? I guess and he nods. I sigh, I just wish I could go hang with Rosa.. I complain as the door opens and I see King Ron of Artebit. I hastily bow.
Good to see you to, Trysiun, he laughs, coming into the house and I see the most gorgeous human alive. Rosamire is in a blue dress and wearing black eyeshadow. My dad starts to drool as she runs and wraps her arms around her neck as quickly as I wrap mine around her waist. She doesnt seem to care that she is getting wrinkles in her dress because of my black American Eagle top and ripped jeans.
Trysiu! She yells as I gently flap my wings and hold her in the air above me and spin. When I set her back down both of our fathers laugh.
Youve gotten taller, Rosa. I greet her. A smile spreads across my face as I hear our dads saying things like theyre a perfect couple, are you sure werewolf should do this, itll break their hearts. I am only smiling because the last time I saw her, Rosamire and I were only twelve, five years ago.
Echm! Both the kings clear their throats at the same time and I turn to face them, my arms gently wrapping around the girl of my dreams chest.
Yeah? I ask, waiting for a response or reason as to why both Rosamire and myself were here.
My father fidgets, Well, Rosamire, Trysiun, weve been talking. Neither Rosamires father or I think you should be seeing each other anymore and have arranged good marriages for the both of you.
The girls father interrupts, Rosamire is engaged to a very handsome and wealthy elven prince, Thynor. Trysiun is engaged to a very beautiful slayer, Sasha is also very skilled at catching rodents, so the only pest around will be the groom.
I exchange an uneasy glance with the woman that I want to have as a bride and together we shout, No!
SquirelFeed Report | 10/16/2012 7:31 am
Its true
SquirelFeed Report | 10/15/2012 5:50 pm
your avi is hot.



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