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the eternal story of draka and malada

this is a story you may not understand, but you will in time...

the never-ending story of two girls who live in a mysterious future and must save it.



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Hey! Long time no talk, miss you!

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HEY! we havent spoken in so long! sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop whats up? rofl

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I know you said that you'd be gone, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that things are starting to come to a close in the RP, and IDK if you'd like Twi and the Blackhills to be part of it. A plot summary is always available... hope you'll drop by in time. ^^

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Scraps 2-point-0

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Scraps 2-point-0

OH SVAY, YOU'RE SO NICE. <33 Forever. :3


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the RP isn't leaving you too lonely, is it? Are you okay in your little cave?

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The one that goes "stop! Don't touch me there, this is my personal square! R - A - P - E, better get away from me!"?

Ahh, that's sad... it's good that you're aware of the hardships she endured as a child and stuff, though... maybe it shows that you guys have a strong connection?
Hmm... what do I know about my mom? Let me think... she read encyclopedias in her free time as a kid...
We did paper mache bowls back in elementray school when art was a mandatory class... I wanted mine to have a pattern of a black sky with white tissue paper clouds, but that didn't turn out so well, so I got some origami paper and made an origami tissue paper collage... I still have the bowl sitting in my room. ^^
I misss free time...and nap time for that matter too.

Yes yes, they did try very hard to hush it up and all, but you know how things are today. There's simply nothing that's private anymore! I remember back in my day when you could have a cup of tea without a million of them bloody cameras snapping your photo to everywhere on what they call "the interwebz."

I see what your'e saying... I don't think it's really in the nature of an RP to act out a preset storyline, so I don't think we'll be using it, although the time lapse idea might be interesting for future use...
I have a plan, but I'm not telling. XD
As for what's gonna happen after this plot arc...I'm not sure, I usually just have us sit around and do nothing for a while until something comes up, but do you think a change of scene could be helpful? In the first posts there's a sort of typed out map and there are different locations there (I think there's like "burned down forest", "small forest", "town", "village"... stuff like that) Do you suggest we move to one of the other places on the map, or perhaps move to a whole new... like... map? That could be interesting... we'd just have to find an excuse to keep everyone relatively together...
that's the problem with the RP sometime... this probably happens with all RPs, but often I feel like I have to make characters act differently than they usually would to keep things moving...


don't forget your "save the animals" tshirt because you're a vegetarian because some man ate your dog in front of your very eyes.

Yeah... the thing about L is in some ways I can sort of do whatever I want for her because she's a bit insane, but then I also have to have clear logic behind all of her actions because she acts purely on logic, not emotion. Also, she's supposed to be this omnipotent invincible being, and the city's her one big trap, but I can't necesarilly think of all the big schemes that befit her. >.> Don't worry, i'll send her your way.

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Don't worry about it. ^^

At which point she'd yank her hand away from me, call me a rapist, and run away down the hallway. >.> I have a friend who greets people by poking them in the sides (rather hard, too) so I actually wouldn't be that odd. >.>

Oh, wow. Err, is svaler a victim of child abuse, or did you just write about it?
Your painting sounds quite nice, especially teh tissue paper idea. I love working with tissue paper, best collage stuff EVAR.

Missus Nesbit? That prostituting whore? I think not, svaler, I think not. Blimey, to think that I would affiliate myself with the likes of her.

Really? I'm glad! I actually have a plot sort of planned (although it might not come to fruition... that's the nature of an RP, and Talbain seems to have a competing idea XD) but I've finally decided to truly develop L's character, and therefore Valdis's. You see, L is the person that Valdis has always wanted to be, but now I'm trying to make them paralllel eachother . If the plot works out, there'll be some statements on avarice and contentedness, but most people probably won't pick up on it, I just wanted to do that.

BTW - I left an order at your banner shop... are you closed?

Tee hee... you could walk around with an unlighted cigarette dangling loosely from your lips too and constantly have a background of explosions and flames as a fan blows your brown slighly long unkept hair around your rigid nose and high cheekbones. XD Get some shades while you're at it.

Gah, I forgot to send someone your way... but L almost ran you over, right? You'll be fine, knowing you. XD


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