Hey there

I'm not very good at saying something about myself.
So, I guess I'll just list what comes to my mind.

⊱ Usually, you'll find me in the Forums. WG emotion_bigheart { I love you guys! } and from time to time in the Achievements Forum.
⊱ I'm playing zOMG, but since Gaia kind of gave up on it, it bores me :/
⊱ I'm raiding the Dumpster Dive like mad!
⊱ I'm a shameless Shapeshifter, oh yeah!

....but I know you want to see behind the Avatar, right? RIGHT? I know you want to!

Well. I'll keep this short as well:

⊱ I'm from Germany. Hallo emotion_c8
⊱ I'm a girl, just like my Avi is, yup! No old stinking pedo behind that emotion_awesome
⊱ I'm 21 years old. Still no old stinking pedo, huh?
⊱ A list of what I like or don't like may follow. But I don't think so. - I like drawing, art, music, maaaany TV shows & movies, video games, design(ing), driving around in my car (LOL), cats <3, photography and...ugh, just ask me!