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A little taste of me...

The soft illumination of starlight cascaded down from the heavens to the craggy spires of the earth. With no shine of moonlight to bolster the pale twinkling, the darkness of night concealed most details to the naked eye. To most, this loose collection of debris might simply be an interesting natural formation. To the more learned, the pattern of worked stone would be apparent, the remnants of some great structure lost to the ages. A temple to a forgotten god, perhaps. The tower of a once famous mage. The castle keep of some long dead baron. Such guesses would only brush clumsily at the truth. No, perhaps the only one who could possibly know with any certainty would be the brooding figure seated at the center of the crumbling ruins.
So, it has come to this...
His vermillion eyes flickered into dim glow, his pupils seeming to dance and gleam as twin candle flames. Shadows appeared to cling to him, his skin sooty, but his hair glistening, reflecting the pale gleam of the stars above. A crown of horns coiled up from his brow. Seated upon a jagged throne of cracked obsidian, he looked the very portrait of a king of umber and gloom. Clawed digits held a collection of photographs, scrawled letters, and other memorabilia. Some he cycled past with little to no pause. Others, he gazed upon, and tossed aside, the paper igniting and crumbling away to ash. He paused suddenly, frozen in place, staring down upon one in particular. A woman...
He set the collection aside, a scowl furrowing his brow as he rose to his feet.
"No.... We shall not allow this place to fall.... not after so many years... not after clawing Our way from nothing...."
He snapped his hand away from himself in a dismissive gesture, spherical flames cascading our from his outstretched hand, spreading out into a wide circular radius, stretching nearly to the edge of the great stone ruins. They danced and bobbed slightly, as though directed by some unheard music.
The shadow lord let a beast-like snarl tear from his throat, baring his teeth, the pointed tips of each fang forming a symmetric zigzag of points and valleys in his mouth. The light of his eyes seemingly burned brighter. His left hand extended, palm facing upwards. With deliberate slowness, his arm trembled as though struggling against an unseen weight, then gradually rose. At first, nothing happened. Then as his hand rose ever higher, a cacophony of cracking, splintering rock filled the silence of the twilight. The ruins beneath his feet shifted and slowly began to rise into the air, Toppled walls and arched doorways reassembled, a swarm of pebbles and stones congealing and cascading across the surfaces of the levitating structure, gradually reassembling into the recognizable shape of a castle keep. Cold torch brackets erupted with sudden eerily glowing flames, softly illuminating the structure as it steadily pieced itself back together. Satisfied with the result. Susaigi, lord of secrets and shadows, seated himself once more upon his broken throne, reclining into a relaxed posture as his world steadily grew and reformed from the the seeds of rubble and ruin, his own dark magicks acting as nourishment.
"Come to me, mortals and demihumans, angels and demons. Seek me in my place of power.... My castle. My temple. I've returned to bargain with you. Pay unto me an offering of thy essence, and forge a pact with me. And I shall grant you the greatest of thy desires~!"
A cackle of wicked laughter bubbled forth from his chest, echoing out in the empty blackness of the night, reverberating for miles around...

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cr0wchild Report | 08/06/2017 10:45 pm
Thank you~! You're super sweet~! <3
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 11/10/2016 2:57 pm
Throttle Kitty Report | 05/22/2016 12:12 pm
"I usually try to!! and sure, anytime!" cat_xd
Throttle Kitty Report | 05/07/2016 11:55 am
"Thank you!" ^.^
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 03/13/2016 10:14 am
"My old phone worked like that. It played audio when the screen was off or when i did other things."
Grins. "Thank ya dear. I'll try to have a good day. Just woke up recently."
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 03/13/2016 10:03 am
"D'aw bummer. I don't know of any good books recently so i can't do audio." xD
"Plus they wouldn't run with the screen off so it'd drain my battery more so nope."
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 03/13/2016 9:48 am
"I'm more than likely on Facebook messenger and Skype to keep up with friends so i miss people here when I'm on the phone." emo
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 03/12/2016 5:15 pm

"Me? Stranger? Nah...Just haven't been able to really stay on Gaia long since phone was my only option for it." Grump grump.
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 12/21/2015 8:58 am

"oh yeah it felt real especially one part" u ///u;
"Ohh I sent you a note for it~"
-I- Bitty -I- Report | 12/20/2015 2:26 pm

A small smirk stretched on her face. "Oh I bet it does. I've been more up to cuddles lately. I rarely get them in real life so I've been wanting a cuddle or two" ; u;


We are a second in time,
We are the last in the line
Of the prey that walks the earth
Good and evil, combined...