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mangafreak007 Report | 02/11/2013 7:40 pm
Thanks for buying
depil_killcha Report | 01/17/2012 3:47 am
promotion redface xd
Baonxyi Report | 08/16/2011 7:25 am
Hi friend, how long time
How are you?
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 10/24/2010 8:22 pm
Even tho i've said that the comment before this Jack would be my last till you had commented me but theirs something i have to say...
remember when i had said that i was bothered about something but i wanted to brush it aside for you?
Well its because lately i've been wording things wrong and making it look like i wanted Sympathy from others its clearly not what i wanted and when i do hurt others i get so ...whats the word.... frustrated with myself and then make myself look like a big Jack a** not calling you that ,,, but how i feel right now its hard to say i'm confused on allot of things our past mostly the fights and the mistakes i've made confused how to deal with them but the one thing i cherrish the most is you jack because you been their allot for me more than any one has and probably more helpful than the Shrinks i've been going to the real reason why i stand here today is because of you i'm not looking for sympathy if thats what you might think but what i truely want tho Jack is the Friendship that you and i shared in the past not the rough patches that we had i'm talking about our laughs giggles and our kinky selves having good time but i know what i say here may not take the pain away bbut i'm sorry for what i did i think it had to do with the day that you commented me on E-mail if that was what upset you i'm sorry i've been moody and busy lately you might of not known i'm Pregnant i had found out the day i had just got on and read you saying "i'm hurt" about 30-45mins later after coming home from the doctors office no one was on at the time you had sent guess is that one of our cats or dogs must of ran in front of our 360 and turned it on it auto logs us in our E-mail and starts what ever game that we wer playing the day before.

but i love you allot i always have and always will and what bothered me that day i sent that message after you left upset was cause two of my newest family members well some what new i should say but more of a long lost twins well back to what i am trying to say ...Faith and shara not the faith Clause you and i both know and love deeply but my twin sisters wer in a fight that day with Leliana and her twin wer fighting with them because of them being new an not knowing where everything was which is a solved problem but the reason why i didn't tell you that Day was because i felt that you'd take it the wrong way ot think that i was looking for sympathy when i'm not but i'm going through allot of stress and Emotional problems with my family with the constant fights arguing bitching and so on but i'll always be here when you need me i know your on your two week Trip back to L.A Felipe Told me that and reminded me about your birthday thats coming up i'll be getting you something for your birthday i'll try to get something on ur wish list i wont forget to send you something tho i have it in my mind because you mean the world to me sister you always will ^^ i love you and i hope your Safe i do worry allot about you which wont change because i love you to much to lose you -hugs gently- i need to get some sleep i got a big day tomorrow if anything your confused on in this message Tell me what it is and i'll try to explain it more clearly i love you hun
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 10/24/2010 5:48 am
not sure what i did to deserve this but i'll go by your best Judgement on this i just wanted to wish you a early happy birthday and say that i'm sorry for what ever i did wrong even tho i'm not sure what it is unless its the samething as the past which i hope not .... but talk to me when you want to you know my user on Gaia and on Fb so i'll leave this be till i hear from you again i love you Jack i always have and i never would intend to hurt you if i did its by a mistake that i didn't see but be safe if you need me tho i'll be their just Comment me here or pm me on Fb or send me an E-mail on my yahoo and i'll be their i am going to sleep now and Ash and the rest of my family says happy birthday and their best wishes to you and Felipe
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 10/07/2010 3:02 am
i'm sorry for not being on for you sister E-mail me the issue and i'll be their for you sister or I M me i'll be their for you i'm just dealing with allot right now but they can wait because my main concern is you sister my one and only concern now is you -hugs and kisses ur cheek- i love you sister no matter what and if you have to b***h or snap at me go ahead sister i can handle it just let me know tho so i don't overreact the option is always open for you when ever you need to i know you felt hurt today after all you told me on msn well my yahoo i'm here if you need it sister i might be busy tomorrow cause we have 2 new horses coming here tomorrow that we need to help them settle in with the 3 we already have the 3 we have are on my facebook account altho for some unknown reason to me i don't have you on friends i know i didn't remove you sister but i'll talk to you when ever your on again <3 -hugs and kisses- i'll be on msn if you need me sexy i just hope i didn't hurt you sister with me being unresponsive on yahoo.... ope to hear from you soon sister. i'll be on for a few more hours i'm getting tired so if i miss you send it by E-mail and i'll read it sister <3
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 09/27/2010 7:20 pm
awe i just noticed Felipes comment that was very sweet if him heart
how are you Sexy? yes its Alissa da one and only Kinky b***h hehe =]



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