Hello, My name is Autumn and I am 14 years old. I enjoy listening to music and going on Tumblr. I'm thinking of either doing photography or graphic design when I'm older. I absolutely love Doctor Who. I have a tumblr and instagram dedicated to it. If you want my username just ask. I also have an Ed Sheeran tumblr and instagram. If you want that one too just ask and also ask if you want my main tumblr. Ed Sheeran is my inspiration. I love every one of his songs and love everything about him. He is the most talented man on earth in my opinion, not just in his music, but in life, he knows how to live free, something not alot of people I know can do. He dosen't care what people think about him. He says, the key to failure is trying to please everyone and he's exactly right. Maybe people think he's sloppy and celeberties think he's different. But why should it matter? He's doing what he loves and that's all that matters. He dosen't care what he looks like when he leaves the house. He even says he prefers a comfy hoodie and pair of jeans. Ed's just perfect in every way. He's very sweet and adorable. His songs change peoples lives. He is an inspiration to many people including me. And I'm so glad that I had the honor to see him perform twice 9-10-12 and 1-24-13.