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my name is Emma
I live in Kwinana, just outside of Perth
I am currently taken =DD
I am a very proud vegetarian
I am highly against hunting, guns, smoking and drugs.
This is because;
HUNTING- A fun sport? Or a way to make you feel like a man? You're more of a man to say, I'm not going to do it. How would you feel if we chassed you out of your house as they chase after you with a gun just to kill you for there own entertainment? It's Just Pointless Murder...
GUNS- Some say it's not the gun, it's who's behind it, though guns make even the nicest people act irrationally in some situations. People also feel better then others behind a gun...
SMOKING DRUGS- Yes, they may be enjoyable, though a waste of money, I don't like seeing people I care about or even just random wasting there life for something so stupid, it does become an addiction no matter what you say... Please try to stop, or just stay away from it, you're much cooler without yellow teeth smelly breath.
I can sometimes push my opinions onto others which isn't too good and I apologise for it in advance
I believe this world could be a much better place with a little effort from individual people
See those pretty people in magazines, pushing there ideology of an average teenage girl onto all of us. I have been affected by it as have most of the people I know, some can't admit it though, looking at them, I think lowly of myself. I may not be the prettiest person in the world, but I would rather be me then a clone. I love the way I am and the person I've become, just learn to be yourself and not listen to idiots who put you down your whole life, just be yourself and you'll find out where you fit in.


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