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Grace-chan made a video for me ^_^

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"Eek! He's mean!" "Why miss, you've hit one one of the very reasons so many of us love him so!" -Lin-chan in reference to Suren-kun

Hey all a little about me ^-^
Name: Joseph
Nickname: I am now Blacky... and Strawberry, Watermelon, and Joe-kun, and Water... @.@ Oh and Brother.
Age: 25
B-Day: 7/21/90
Hair Color: Brown

List of Fangirls:
1. Xx.Nightmare Loner.xX: My first fangirl! *Huggles*
2. Red_Minx: My second fangirl yay!
3. Deadly Skittle: I rp with her a lot so yay!
4. Misunderstood_Heart: She keeps trying to claim me in vamp rps sweatdrop
5. [Ninja_Phoenix]: My magic number five fangirl!
6. [ Cross Angel ]: Number 5's alt!
7. alexis2hotty: Lucky Number 7! Surens little sis!
8. Amaral Gabillon de Stoine: Number 8! ^-^
9. Zeebie: Number 9! ^-^
10. kijiriko: New to rping but I luv her anyway cuz she's my fangirl!
11. Termina Overdrive:Yet another prize to add =D
12. ~Lady-Rane~: *huggles and luffles*
13. Dark_Queen_Suka: *Hugtackleglomplufflecuddlekissoncheek* rofl
14. sasukesangel: A Sasuke fan I bet <3
15. Narkari: I rp with her in a good rp, glad to have her on the list! *Huggle*
16. Legz: Quite fun to rp with *huggles*
17. Alba Ethereal: Another rp friend of mine <3
18. Kumiko_the_Demon: A nice rp friend of mine! *huggle*
19. Elvy-chan aka ~Elviae~: MINE *Huggleluffle*
20. Kyuketsuki_goshujin: Fun fun! ^-^
21. DevilsAngel100: STOP RAPING ME!!!
22. allbymyself107: Another of my rp buddies *huggles her* ^^ Glad to have her on the team ^^
23. Haruhi440: *Glomp* hehe n_n
24. Earthenangel: *Huggles* n.n My pm rp buddeh
25. xXBunny-ChanXx: *Pats on teh head* Tis the girl =O
26: Aitani_Mirari: XD.. Just.... XD.....
27: [fox_girl]: A lot less crazy than #26, another of my rping partners.
28. Illizana Seyer: The famous Illi-chan of Crimson Nights! XD I feel special to have her as a fangirl.
29: Piggy Queen: Roxx-chan, cute. Lol
30: KyoKona-Chan: Mooraki-chan, prefers to be called Moo-chan for some reason.
31: Kii-Samaa: Kii-chan, friend of Moo-chan, she's like.... an exact copy of Moo-chan >.>
32: WhiteWolf Iceblade: Teia-sama *-* She gives me candies <3 And I luv's her for that
33: Hoopster29393: She gives me luffs =O And for that, I luff her back <3 *Huggleluffles*
34: Star_Eyed_Angel: My good buddeh <3 *Huggles* Reminds me a lot of Minx-chan 0.o
35: Usagi Sakura-Tsubasa: *Huggles* Tis Bunny-chan =O The one and only o.o She went to Japan, I'm jealous >:O
36: LikaraRiddle: *Lufflehuggles* Likara-chan! =O My good buddeh in the thread I mod in =3
37. cryptic kiss: She owns me and I'm her fanboy but she's my fangirl and that's confusing.
38: Ximona: Numbah 38, awesome >3 She's hawt in bed.
39. o0oCotton_Candyo0o: SHE STOLE MY CHOCOLATE ;o;
40. cat_nightmoon: Awesomeeeeee, fangirl number forty =O She's my fangirl cuz of my sig XD
41. XxAmaChanxX: Teh famouse Ama-chan =O My buddeh *Huggles*
42. Chibi-peanut: She's secksy =O
43. BooBooBillows: That one girl who I luff a lot =D
44. xXSweet SacrificesXx: W00t!!.... She's also my pet and mistress, how confusing! x.x
45. Semi-Precious SilverBlood: Friend from an rping forum =3 Yay
46. Troublesom: Rp friend =3 She's also my mistress
47: kiracheryl--: Murderous claws that kill things and she's still cute :'D
48. LordxXxofxXxDorkness: It's a plot. It has to be. She wants me to die or something to that effect. Eh, she can be a fangirl all the same.
49. Star_Samurai: Because fun is fun is fun.
50. Xx T i g e r L a d y xX: Resident paintbrush user of DOOM
51. O R G A S M I C xRainbow: My fangirl because I horribly killed a girl.
52. n a r n a r - FARKUS: Booooooooooooooobies o3o
53. Sexual Hazard: We met in a thread where we called a girl a stupid b***h, yo. =3

((You damn perverts XP))
1. Curesed Twilight Devil: *Huggles* ;P
2. Kitty Kisa: Lol... such a pervert... *Pats*
3. sKiTtLeS-rAiNbOw SeIzUr: *Chains up and kinky smexes* XP
4. THE S0UP NAZi: *Huggles* Good pets are obedient pets =D
5. SacredDarkAngel: Good girl *Huggles*
6. Gohanchanlve: Another kitteh... XD They all wanna be kittehs *Huggles and pets*
7. magnolia: *Luffles* Such a pervert
8. CuteAuraFoxPuppy: A cute baby fox that I take on walkies XD
9. Panda La Loca: It's da crazy, luvable panda! =O *Lufflesnuggles*
10. xXSweet SacrificesXx: *Tackles* *Pets* 0.o Is it odd that I'm petting someone who's also my fangirl and mistress?
11. g1ng3rsn4p: *Luffles* Latest addition XP
12. cassandraks: A doggyyyy =D So cuteeeee
13. Kumramas_Girl: *Huggles and pets* Kumrama-chan o.o *Surprise*
14. blood2.0: Rawr, it's Blood-chan, who won't give me some of her soup crying
15. Illusions of Rage: Rage-chan! =O I own her in rp too >3
16. XxAmaChanxX: *Tacklehugglecuddlespetpetpet*
17. Sky Fantasy: Overly happy and hyper doggy girl =O Which is odd because most girls wanna be a kitty ._.
18. Silver_Angel_Girl: And this one wants to be the Racoon =O We shall name her Fishy >3
19. Chibi-peanut: She is clearly insane and that is awesome.
20. iKitty Munster: Nickname Kitty :D
21. Hatred Moonfire: She is teh Hatred and I lurve her cuz she is very cutesy =3
22. Star_Samurai: Because she can rp worth a damn.
23. xXOoToXiC_CuPcAkEoOXx: She did say ANYTHING. So I made her my pet
24. Lonely_BlackRosex3: I is her fan and her Mastah.
25. Alice No Heart: She purrs like a kitten. It's adorable.
26. MandiiTheMajestic: Nothing says obedience like an execution collar.

1. cryptic kiss: Also my fangirl. This is very. Very. Confusing.
2. disenchanted_last_words: Lol, gotta obey da mistress X3
3. Mistress Alice Kirala: XD S&M addict much? Lol
4. Muffin- The cure for AIDS: I'm her b***h D; No one ever saves me from the mean people.
5. sniperkitty1539: Sniper Kitteh Mistress =O Scareh o.o
6. xXSweet SacrificesXx: D; This is getting a little awkward, do I listen to her or does she listen to me?
7. Troublesom: I'm beginning to feel like a commodity =O Get your Suren-kuns now?
8. Chaiki730: She's going to beat me with a giant rooster covered in spikes on a daily basis.
9. CiiTYLiiGHTSx3: Too many mistresses is bad for Suren-kuns health

1. Minion 1: The smarter of the two minions summoned by Suren-kun.
2. Minion 2: The dumber of the two but incredibly adorable. Can only say "Two"
3. Star_Samurai: Now bow down >o


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I am thrilled you are alive.
welcome back.
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Happy Belated Birthday Suren-kun heart
Palindromida Report | 07/22/2014 12:13 am

"Happy birthday again (even though it is late now)"

"Love you, husbando~"

Queen_Likara Report | 10/07/2013 11:03 pm

Hi suren!!!!!!
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A Lightning Joule
I'm sorry for taking so long...... redface I'll be posting shortly......
Mhinachan Report | 02/22/2013 8:23 am
*GlompTackleHuggle* heart heart heart heart
I miss you way too much. I hope all is good!
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Created Reality
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[- kicks things over -]
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Teia Stormcaster
Haaaiiiiii!!!~ How've you been? x3