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G'day mates, my name is Crimson. I'm not quite a gold digger, but if you have extras, I'll take them off your hands! Some people think I'm too nice, but I promise you, I will steal a shrimp off the barbie when I'm feeling frisky. I also drink Fosters, which happens to be Australian for "beer." All you bogans can bugger off; I'm class and you're trash. I'm a bloody fair dinkum!


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kenami san Report | 01/09/2022 10:17 am
kenami san
RiotForRiah Report | 12/28/2021 12:39 pm
You are actually the sweetest person, omg thank you crying Happy Holidaysss heart
n n e s s a a Report | 12/23/2021 7:32 pm
n n e s s a a
3nodding heart
n n e s s a a Report | 12/22/2021 12:15 pm
n n e s s a a
heart enjoy ur holidays my beloved !! stay warm n cozy n safe heart dont forget to drink water and smile biggrin heart thanks for the gift !! you're so sweet heart
kenami san Report | 12/19/2021 12:46 am
kenami san
yo Crum! Happy Holidays my guy xD Thanks for the wonderful gift biggrin
Kimiko Doll Report | 12/16/2021 7:57 pm
Kimiko Doll
thank you so much for the gift!

King IV Report | 12/15/2021 6:07 am
King IV
thank you for the gift <3
Razer Report | 11/28/2021 8:57 am
unseen_shadow_supreme Report | 11/23/2021 9:56 pm
miss chuuuuu heart
Your Anjel Report | 11/04/2021 7:10 pm
Your Anjel

Hello there Ate Rosey, have a nice day emotion_bigheart

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