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Erm well I'm gonna write about whatever comes into my head first and I am either very nice or very depressed so be careful lol



Hey everyone! I'm Christina!
So I've been here a while and it was high time for a profile update and so here it is. I'm a fourteen (almost fifteen) year old girl, half-Scottish half-English. But I live in England, although no stereotypes I don't talk like a posh person, nor am I a chav/yokel.

Anyway the main things I'll be doing on here will be roleplaying because if you look at my past history you'll see I'm a roleplaying freak. I occasionally disappear from gaia for a long time, only once in a while - generally when I'm trying to quit. But it's like I can't, I always return - it's too great here.

So I love writing and reading, I'm an unbelievable book nerd - quite a lot of my friends get annoyed at me for it. I'm hoping to become an author when I'm older and am currently eight chapters of the way through my thirty chapter first novel (wish me luck getting it published!)

Another thing you should know is that I totally adore music and am constantly listening to it as well as IMing on MSN with my best friend Marianne (aka xakto82), she hasn't been on gaia for a long while now - she managed to actually give up. But one day I think she will come back but she knows I'll be waiting, she pulled a massive trick on me so I'm readying one back.


Live life fast. Keep it real.

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