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O.o i like it



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Hey!!!! To get started my name is Ed. My pro may be lame, but so am I. If you don't like me, leave me.

>>I've noticed lately, there's alot of gossip that goes around. It's childish, i don't have time for children. Just remember, every time you gossip about me you have me on your mind, so i appreciate the affection!!!! wink

i see a man in the mirror that has changed
to the point that he lost his way
telling lies to the world that he despised
'cause he never wants to live there again
fire burns, people hurt, never learn,
so i never want to see you again
never see you, never again see you
these sunken eyes can't feel alive
this shallow mind can't think of you another time
you speak nothing to me and i don't care
i want you to die, i'm doing fine
just go away

You think about your safety / But I don’t give a ********
A life with job and family / But I don’t give a ********
You exactly know your future / But I don’t give a ********
You care about your health / But I don’t give a ********
Cleanness rules your life / You make it right
That’s ********’ boring / And you’re boring too
I thank God on my knees / I’m not like you

You’re ******** up without love / And I’ve grown up with hate
You waste your time with bullshit / But the hell that’s not my fate
For all that I get the fun / And baby you’re a drag
Your life is a twilightshow / Ask your money back
Numb in your mediocrity / But I’m your enemy
I should not like to be / In your ********’ place
Now I’m in the ring with you / Face to face

We are / Shadow and light
Let’s decide the eternal fight
We are / Shadow and light
Our destiny

You always look so beautiful / I’m the ugly mug
You’re a child of the sun / I live in the dark
You’re the ********’ Mister Nice Guy / I’m the bad boy
All whatcha wanna build / I’ll destroy
You hunt for luck / I don’t give a ********
If the darkness seems to win / Then the light breaks through
But if you think you can beat me / I’ll beat you



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Reina Brujita Report | 06/18/2009 2:20 pm
Reina Brujita
******** LOVE YOU, Ed.
I don't really know how to contact you Dx
If you ever get on this, I think you should message me or something.
lifesux23 Report | 03/29/2009 5:48 pm
happy birthday man
Sesshys Report | 02/28/2009 7:52 pm
do you even get on anymore old man?
Plaisir Report | 12/15/2008 5:55 pm

I have to admit, I like some of your music User Image

iDespise Report | 11/23/2008 8:55 am
anonymous threat Report | 11/15/2008 4:07 pm
anonymous threat
gee thanks you couldnt try to make me feel a little better gez lol jk loves ya
anonymous threat Report | 11/09/2008 3:00 pm
anonymous threat
lol, life is perdy sweet. i got myself into a relationship when i dont really want to date anyone right now. how smart am i? lol
anonymous threat Report | 11/08/2008 3:45 pm
anonymous threat
cat. for math and chem. your so called stalker
iDespise Report | 11/08/2008 8:29 am


: D
Sesshys Report | 11/03/2008 5:32 pm
im bored so..hi..


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I'm hurt and you're the nurse, make me feel better!!!

Bow before me and my new pic!!!

It's meh "WTF!?!?" face

Perpetual girl problems? You're not the only one.