It's been a while but I'm back on Gaia and seem to be consistent again so I thought I'd bring my profile five years into the present.
Left food service and currently working a retail job and a part time housekeeping gig while I mosy my way through school.
I'm in the pre-nursing program and am looking at a Master's degree, and possibly a doctorate when I'm done with that. My goal is to be a midwife.
I'm also a Hellenic pagan who loves to read, and I'm pretty chill to others, but a neurotic hot mess in my own head.

My primary hobbies include roleplay (mostly of the pen and paper and dice variety, but some text-based too), exercising and on-and-off blogging.


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Hello SuperOtaku, awesome you are eating less meat (and trying your best to stop eating those) and trying to be good for your body as much as possible.

I have seen tons of people who are fit and healthy on vegan diets. I am a vegan myself.

I say if you are hungry, you are most likely undereat calories. Eat more healthy, nutritious and calories dense food like fruits. Banana, mangoes, oranges, celemtines, grapes, strawberries, lots of those. as much as you like. The more the better.

Here is one of those inspiring videos

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hello sweatdrop

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add me on my new wan

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tchan!!! its been so long!!!
Lady Ravensblood

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Lady Ravensblood

Hey how're you doing? Sorry that we haven't spoken for awhile. Colege and life are too much for me at the moment.
i know nothing.

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i know nothing.

Everything will become more natural for you once you've memorized hiragana and katakana. wink It's hard to know those differences when you're only working with romaji. Best of luck with your studies.
i know nothing.

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i know nothing.

Perhaps my previous explanation was unclear, so I'll try to clarify. sad

The point I wanted to bring to your attention is not the spacing of the words in your signature. Children's books and games that are written solely in hiragana/katakana often have spaces to help differentiate between words. Since you're still at the very beginning stage of learning Japanese, spacing things out until you better understand how Japanese works isn't a problem. It's a step in learning, and there is nothing wrong with it at this stage.

What is a problem is that there is a kana missing from the word "dozo". There are many different romanization schemes, and several of them fail to differentiate between short and extended vowels in the language, especially when it's an extended "o" or "u" sound. Your signature is a good example of this. The romanized Japanese is correct. However, writing out Japanese according to that romanization will lead to incorrect Japanese.

Right now you have ]どぞ よろしく

The word in red should be どうぞ.
i know nothing.

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i know nothing.

Just thought that you'd like to know the following regarding your signature.

Dozo yoroshiku is correct in romaji, but the correct Japanese for it would be どうぞよろしく wink

Best of luck with your study.

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Hi 'Taku-chan!

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Hi thar!


Goth bisexual roleplaying female polyamorist pagan nursing student.

Also an lg.