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She's an age thats in middle school. (but not telling teehee...)
Well she lives in Colorado. (home of the rocky mountains OH YEA!)
She is a nice and can be mean well, its only if your mean to her so um yea..
Her race is black/filipino or I should say BLAZIAN!

Hobbies : Swimming, Violin , Volleyball...Yup

Likes : Hello Kitty,Kpop,Jrock,Jpop, Wowwowwee (show),Egg rolls,
Rice,Sinigang, Filipino food mostly, Chinese food,Skittles,Rainbows,All colors,
You're beautiful, Kdramas,Skinnys....and more.

Hates : Posers, Scene girls, People who think they could do watever they want, People who think their all that, Racist people, Mean people (they suck).
Jerks, and some kid named brandon (he's not special to have his name capitalized), Peanut butter, and pot pie. Thats about it.

Been on Gaia since December 29,2008

Well now you know all about her Have a good day kthxbye =))

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